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I’m Expanding!

A brand new place.

This is pretty big news, but our resident death knight has decided to write!

Colemand has been graciously allowed to write for Nance, the author of Alterac Volley.  Many of you know Nance’s work on the WoW Headlines and PuG Checker sites, so it’s a huge surprise to be allowed to write on his main blogging site part time.

Colemand’s shenanigans will be kept at this site.  What Colemand will be writing about includes death knights, death knights, and more death knights.  PvP, PvE, Tips and tricks… they will be all over there.  As this continues, I’ll be writing Hunter equivalent posts here if I’m allowed.

In the mean time, congratulate our chef extraordinaire on his first bold step into informative blogging!

A New Wolf

Okay, not quite.

Okay, not quite.

Not to mention another Hunter mannerism.

I’ve recently been attempting to use a ferocity pet in a PvP environment(as a beastmaster).  In order to do this, I had to pick one very important beast for the task.

In the end, I chose a Corehound.

This Corehound is not only the most unique of the 3 possible skins, it’s a homage to Dranei everywhere that says the following.

I’m your base, and I stole Fluffy.

Of course, I named him the only thing I could... Fluffy!

Of course, I named him the only thing I could... Fluffy!

Over the next couple of weeks, I hope to see some cool stuff from Fluffy.  He’s also a giant dog, so he and Link get along fine.

If he barks, all you have to do is play him some music, and he’ll fall right asleep!

Time Waits For No Man

Not seen here: Hidden jet boosters.

Not seen here: Hidden jet boosters.

Hello everyone.

Sorry for the lack of posting, as my life has currently been incredibly busy.

Between researching more horizons, trying to secure a steady job, and spending time with those I love, I’ve been swamped with things to do.

There might be less posting around here, but this is an opportunity more than anything else! Why’s that? Well, if you’ve wanted to try your hand at blogging but haven’t had the time to make a whole blog, you can always send me some guest posts which I’d be more than happy to post(subject to after my inspection…).

In addition, any requests will be taken and written very quickly, as it gives me a focus.  I love having goals, and sometimes it’s hard to come up with them all by myself.

So here’s the question: what do you want to read about/write about? I’m doing a catering business, and it serves info.  Gives me your orders, for ye shall receive!

Lastly, the next episode of Howl! is underway, but it’s just taking some time to find a new place to host these things.  Anyone have any ideas?

Little did he know, but the Death Knight brought a little Un'Goro with him.

Little did he know, but the Death Knight brought a little Un'Goro with him.


I. Can. Haz. Spirit beast!

I. Can. Haz. Spirit beast!

So this is what success tastes like!

Follow The Leader

... and my name isn't Mittens dammit!

... and my name isn't Mittens dammit!

You know that stupid game where you have to do everything the one guy does/says, without ending until he/she says to stop?

You know that period of history where people were called slaves?

You know that time when someone told you to do your chores?

You know tha-


In any case, I have an announcement to make.  I have now officially led a raid, my first time ever.  I stood at the beginning of a Naxxramas run and didn’t stop ’til the server blew us up after 3 wings of victory.  I barked orders, snapped commands, cracked whips, made a sundae,  had a milkshake, and then did more ordering.

I also knit a sweater.

A week ago, I asked my raid leaders whether or not they would let me lead a raid a week later(now), and they agreed to let me give it a shot(then).  Which was surprising, seeing as I had just been promoted to class leader a week before that(way back then).  I had hardly been able to test my metal at all(now, then, and more then)!

Nevertheless, I was given the chance and I thought 1 of 2 things were going to happen: either I would succeed and go on to lead raids for a long time until I got fed up and just nuked the instances every week(with bombs), or I’d more likely be a failure and have to hide in Blackrock Mountain until the heat blew over(which, given the environment of my hermitage, it wouldn’t).

We(the guild), to my great surprise, did really well! I’m not surprised because our guild can do really well, I know it, but I’m surprised because… they let me lead them and they didn’t mind.  In fact, I think that everyone quite enjoyed that raid until Smolderthorn blew up in an explosion of lag which persists a little today.

For anyone from God is AFK who reads this blog, thanks a lot for being so nice to me my first time.  Really, I was expecting more hell and a lot less help.

Although I’ve heard rumors of bets being placed.  *cough*

After the lag, I decided to hop on over to the Alliance side of things to help deteriorate your infrastructure.

I ended up doing this instead.

Seems Eldadres can sleep on candles.  Figures.

Seems Eldadres can sleep on candles. Figures.

Help help! I'm bein' oppressed!

Help help! I'm bein' oppressed!

I'm trapped in a walnut! How'd I get in this nut?!

I'm trapped in a walnut! How'd I get in this nut?!

Jumping on the bed has never been this fun.  Except ACTUALLY jumping on it.

Jumping on the bed has never been this fun. Except ACTUALLY jumping on it.

It’s not raiding, but messing around with good friends for no reason other than to mess around is a great deal of fun.  Great stress relief too!

A Different Kind Of Secret Project

Minus 1 bear.

Minus 1 bear.

In a fit of what seems to be either stupidity, rage, boredom, insanity, madness, a period of being 3 fries short of a happy meal, or just being whacko, I have made a new hunter.

This hunter is different however; he is a dwarf.  Dwarves are typically short(I’m tall), burly(I’m delicate), hairy(which I’m not), drunk(I’m sober), belligerent(when angered), and uncouth(like an Orc).  In short(tee-hee) they are the opposite of me in every single fathomable way.

Why did I roll a new Alliance(eyaugh!) hunter? This idea was brandished before me by none other than Elnoriah/Eldadres of Plagued Candles who has, with Roz from Repgrind and Troutwort from Crits and Giggles, rerolled a new alliance character to play with people from this corner of the Blogosphere on the Winterhoof server.

Also, I’m planting the seeds of the downfall of the entire Alliance, but that’s none of your buisiness.


Everyone, meet Franko.

Yes, I am paying some homage with this character.  You don't have to like it.

Yes, I am paying some homage with this character. You don't have to like it.

Oh don’t worry.  I’m not completely out of this picture… I’ve left a little bit of myself in this picture.

Everyone… meet his pet.

Welcome to the pack... Klin, the wolf.

Welcome to the pack... Klin, the wolf.

He doesn’t have dash yet, either! So for now, he really is a Slow Wolf.

Oh, and because I didn’t take a screenshot of that King guy in Ironforge before I killed him last time…

Yes, my liege.  Invest with Enron, they know what they're doing.*snicker*

Yes, my liege. Invest with Enron, they know what they're doing.*snicker*

I might make a little note before I continue:

The dwarf area is HARD in comparisson to the Blood Elf area.  There are mobs who charge, mobs who frostshock, and mobs who seem to come at you in numbers like math problems in a calculus class.  Kiting my way to level 10 has been difficult, but not without it’s reward.  It was a lot of fun, if you ignore the hundreds of leper gnomes, boars, cats, bears, wendigos, rabbits, orchards, farmers, guards, the king, and the wolves you had to kill along the way, not to mention the massive distances and the massive distances.  Did I mention the massive distances? They really are big you know.

Like space, even.  They’re similar.

No wonder dwarves are so tough: they put up with the worst crap from day 1, starting with the fact that they’re short, hairy, noisy, smelly, potentially spacefaring midgets.

Banking Buddy

Mine is shinier.

Mine is shinier.

Like all some self-respecting WoW players, it is an ambition of mine to have gold.  It’s the lifeforce in a game where moneys can do a great deal of things.

Some people find that it’s hard to get, and scrounge with dailies all day to get it.  Others say it’s very simple… so long as you have some know-how and some gold to begin with.

Those people, the ones that say that gold is easy to make, are the same people that play the auction house.  The auction house, a market for business people and noobs alike, is a strange and confusing place for the beginner.

I have been convinced that the only way I am going to get a decent amount of gold is through the auction house, and it’s my goal to make more money than I can possibly spend if possible.  This would be hard for me though, seeing as I have Mining(good profession for money) and Engineering(terrible for making money).  So, I decided it was time to add someone to my crew.

Everyone, meet Eyolus.

He has the monocle I wish I could have.

He has the monocle I wish I could have.

All told, Eyolus is a bank alt; he carries extra stuff I can’t, and then auctions it off for money I can send to myself at will.  However, he’s an extra important bank alt; he will be the one playing the auction house.  This game within a game will see Eyolus rise as one of my most played characters, and he might as well be my money main.

So far, I’m going tailoring as a profession for sure.  His secondary profession, however, is up for grabs! Enchanting? Jewelcrafting? Inscription? Who knows! I’m leaning towards jewelcrafting so far, however.  We’ll have to see.

So here’s to Eyolus, my banker! He needs a second profession though, and I can’t decide.   So what’ll it be people?

The New Tier 9

BAM, like that.

The old tier 9 armor is done with.

Finite.  Done with.  Done quick.

What were they? If I remember correctly…

I always do, by the way.



Old Tier 9

2 piece tier 9 reduced your pet’s focus cost for his abilities by 50%.

Pointless, yes? Of course it is.  Since when has your pet ever needed more focus? If you’re talented properly, this should never have been a problem.

4 piece tier 9 increased the critical strike chance of steady shot by 5%.
Whoop de doo.  This is a 2 piece bonus, not a 4 piece.  Only Beastmasters really benefited from this in a big way, since Steady Shot takes up a lot of our DPS; but even then it sucks!

Happily, this aforementioned crap has been replaced.



New Tier 9. See the difference?

2 piece: The damage from your serpent sting can now be critical strikes.
For marksmen, this is big.  Their stings are the most powerful out of all the hunters thanks to improved stings, making this a buff to MM damage mostly; however, everyone benefits from this.  It doesn’t increase the base damage of the sting(which makes Chimera shot sad) but it’s still going to be a visible DPS upgrade.

To be honest, this should be baseline.  Lock DoTs can crit, so should ours!

4 piece: Each time you hit with a ranged attack, your pet gains 600(HOLY SHIT) attack power for 15 seconds.
Now, this is a buff.  I don’t know what the proc chance is, but I’m betting it’s high enough.  For beastmasters, this 4 piece is going to be a strong one I predict.  600 attack power is 50 more attack power than blessing of might! Blessing of might increases Dave’s(my devilsaur) DPS by something like 200-300 dps.  Another 200-300 DPS? YES PLEASE.

It’s also and incentive for all hunters to keep their pets alive, should the marksmen and the Survivalists want the set bonus.

This is good news; in fact, I’m really happy that Blizzard realized that the set bonus was balls.  Now if they could notice a few more things(Cower bug, more stats for our pets, ammo costs, etc), I’d be set.

Speaking of things, I’m going to look at those Engineering changes later.  Stay tuned!

Skoll Lightning!


Drawn by MissMonster of Deviant art! Click for link.

I have an announcement to make.

I’m going to be hunting more than one spirit beast it seems.

There is a new spirit beast on the PTR! This is the 3rd spirit beast, which continues the tradition of 1 new spirit beast per big patch, and this is no exception.

Actually, there is one very big exception to this particular spirit beast: he’s a wolf.
skollwowI nearly died of shock when I saw this.  Apparently, he has electricity crawling all over him and his light blue fur glows with the crackle of power.  The picture does no justice to all these cool effects, so I order all of you to go drool over this video right now! Skoll in Video

He’s named after a character from Norse mythology: Skoll, the moonchaser.  Skoll chased the moon across the sky in an effort to catch up with her and eat her.  His counterpart, Hati, chased the sun for the same purpose.  On the day of Ragnarok, the end of times, Skoll and Hati would succeed in their ravenous quest and feast on the sun and the moon.

Skoll, the spirit beast, matches his namesake in almost every way.  His lightning fur matches the electricity that was wielded by Thor and other gods, so is a powerful symbol of his Norse heritage.  His fur is blue, the colour of the night he chases under.  His attack is a Moonstrike graphic, the last tie to his Norse namesake.

I, for one, am going to be camping this guy the instant the patch releases and I won’t stop until he is mine.

Loque will have to wait if I don’t have him by then, as I have bigger wolves to catch!

Special thanks to Tigerfeet for pointing out to whom the artwork belongs to(MissMonster’s portrait of Skoll is amazing, is it not? She drew a version for Hati as well!), to Mania for the screenshot of Skoll, and to zub for finding the video of Skoll in-game!

Loque’Nahak Check List

WTB Spyglass

WTB Spyglass

The hunt for Loque’nahak is in full swing.

So far I have had no luck; even with no one looking for the beast right now it seems Loque is reclusive.

After hunting him for the little amount that I have, I realized there are some really good things to keep in mind if you want to hunt(if not now then later!) this shy but wicked awesome looking beast, and not only this beast but every rare-spawn creature you have ever wanted to tame.

1.  Don’t quest in the area unless you’re a high enough level to catch that beast.
I am really happy I didn’t quest in Sholozar Basin on my way to 80.  If I had gotten there at level 74-75 like some people plan on doing, I would have definitely found Loque and been unable to tame him.

If you ever want to see an angry, frustrated, and thoroughly dejected Klin, that’s one way to do it.

2.  Get an epic flying mount/epic ground mount.
Especially for creatures that can spawn in any of 6+ locations over a large distance, it’s very important to have a fast means of transportation to keep a watchful eye on all of them.  For areas you can use a flying mount, epic flying helps so much that you can use a gathering profession to make money on the side, and still be able to make a complete round of all the spawn points within 5-8 minutes.

Seriously? You’ll be looking a long time without epic flying.

3.  Have a “dummy” pet for just-in-case moments.
Catch and designate a pet for the sole purpose of protecting you while you search.  Especially on a PvP realm, being prepared for a fight at all times is crucial.  Even on a PvE realm, you might get attacked by some errant mobs!

Being ambushed is a lot easier to deal with if you have a pet, so have a pet to protect you… just make sure the pet is disposable, or you’ll be a sad panda when you actually meet with the pet of your dreams and your stuck with another animal.

4.  Be mentally ready to skip out on Heroics, PvP, and many other things(i.e, Don’t give up!)
Some of the harder hunts can typically take days to weeks of camping the same animal with no luck.  Going after these animals tends to really make you show your true colours: can you handle the wait? Do you have the tenacity and the patience to fly in circles endlessly looking for your perfect pet? Those who can’t will drop off quickly; but those who can will eventually find it.  It’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”.  It just takes a lot of time.

So much time, in fact, that I’ve put my Battleground bashing on hold, and only PvE if needed or it’s a raid night(hopfully better luck this week!).  Speaking of which, I would trade my loot karma for a chance to raid with Loque this week, but I’m totally not going to find him.

5.  Research your prey’s spawn points and environtment.
Arguably the most important part of the chase is having the knowledge of where the prey is going to be and what it is going to be surrounded by.

If I didn’t know where Loque spawned, I would be wasting a great deal of time flying around where he would never be.  In addition, it’s nice to know where there are hostile creatures you might be attacked by, whether it’s a strong World PvP zone, what kind of resources are in the area, and whether or not there is a great number of people playing in the area at certain times.

Keep in mind this checklist for all those going out into the world looking for the rare pets in the game! As hunters, we are the only class who goes on ridiculous tests of hunting ability and patience like these for a certain, specific animal.  It is for that that we as a class are unique: you don’t see warriors worrying about their weapons in the same way as we do our pets.  They walk into an instance, kill a boss, and hope like hell they get loot.  We walk around darkshore for hours opening statuettes in the hops of getting a see-through cat.  We hunters spend hours and days and weeks looking for that pet that is just for us, and not necessarily an upgrade.

Rare pets are a test of patience and love for this class; so do yourself a favour and try to catch a rare pet.  It’s an experience no hunter should be without no matter how demoralizing it can be.  Because when you catch that one pet you’ve worked so hard to get, you get one of the best feelings in the world.