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Loque’Nahak Check List

WTB Spyglass

WTB Spyglass

The hunt for Loque’nahak is in full swing.

So far I have had no luck; even with no one looking for the beast right now it seems Loque is reclusive.

After hunting him for the little amount that I have, I realized there are some really good things to keep in mind if you want to hunt(if not now then later!) this shy but wicked awesome looking beast, and not only this beast but every rare-spawn creature you have ever wanted to tame.

1.  Don’t quest in the area unless you’re a high enough level to catch that beast.
I am really happy I didn’t quest in Sholozar Basin on my way to 80.  If I had gotten there at level 74-75 like some people plan on doing, I would have definitely found Loque and been unable to tame him.

If you ever want to see an angry, frustrated, and thoroughly dejected Klin, that’s one way to do it.

2.  Get an epic flying mount/epic ground mount.
Especially for creatures that can spawn in any of 6+ locations over a large distance, it’s very important to have a fast means of transportation to keep a watchful eye on all of them.  For areas you can use a flying mount, epic flying helps so much that you can use a gathering profession to make money on the side, and still be able to make a complete round of all the spawn points within 5-8 minutes.

Seriously? You’ll be looking a long time without epic flying.

3.  Have a “dummy” pet for just-in-case moments.
Catch and designate a pet for the sole purpose of protecting you while you search.  Especially on a PvP realm, being prepared for a fight at all times is crucial.  Even on a PvE realm, you might get attacked by some errant mobs!

Being ambushed is a lot easier to deal with if you have a pet, so have a pet to protect you… just make sure the pet is disposable, or you’ll be a sad panda when you actually meet with the pet of your dreams and your stuck with another animal.

4.  Be mentally ready to skip out on Heroics, PvP, and many other things(i.e, Don’t give up!)
Some of the harder hunts can typically take days to weeks of camping the same animal with no luck.  Going after these animals tends to really make you show your true colours: can you handle the wait? Do you have the tenacity and the patience to fly in circles endlessly looking for your perfect pet? Those who can’t will drop off quickly; but those who can will eventually find it.  It’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when”.  It just takes a lot of time.

So much time, in fact, that I’ve put my Battleground bashing on hold, and only PvE if needed or it’s a raid night(hopfully better luck this week!).  Speaking of which, I would trade my loot karma for a chance to raid with Loque this week, but I’m totally not going to find him.

5.  Research your prey’s spawn points and environtment.
Arguably the most important part of the chase is having the knowledge of where the prey is going to be and what it is going to be surrounded by.

If I didn’t know where Loque spawned, I would be wasting a great deal of time flying around where he would never be.  In addition, it’s nice to know where there are hostile creatures you might be attacked by, whether it’s a strong World PvP zone, what kind of resources are in the area, and whether or not there is a great number of people playing in the area at certain times.

Keep in mind this checklist for all those going out into the world looking for the rare pets in the game! As hunters, we are the only class who goes on ridiculous tests of hunting ability and patience like these for a certain, specific animal.  It is for that that we as a class are unique: you don’t see warriors worrying about their weapons in the same way as we do our pets.  They walk into an instance, kill a boss, and hope like hell they get loot.  We walk around darkshore for hours opening statuettes in the hops of getting a see-through cat.  We hunters spend hours and days and weeks looking for that pet that is just for us, and not necessarily an upgrade.

Rare pets are a test of patience and love for this class; so do yourself a favour and try to catch a rare pet.  It’s an experience no hunter should be without no matter how demoralizing it can be.  Because when you catch that one pet you’ve worked so hard to get, you get one of the best feelings in the world.


It’s Time I Started Acting Like One

I'm going to need this guy's eyes...

I'm going to need this guy's eyes...

There has been an awful lto of QQ on this blog of late, hasn’t there?

Not to worry, I’m not turning into a mage.

But the fact remains that I really don’t know what to write about sometimes, and QQ is easy to find and write about, so I apologize.

As a compensation to all of you, it’s time I did something new.  I think it’s time I decided to be a real hunter.

Before he quit, BigRedKitty was easily one of the most respected hunters to grace the World of Warcraft.  He also had something I don’t.

Okay, he had lots of things I didn’t, but that’s aside from my point.

BRK managed to capture one of the rarest, most gorgeous pets in existence: the spirit beast.  Loque’nahak is one of the rarest, most difficult to capture pets in the game and it is a matter of great pride for a Beastmaster to get one, and a matter of greater pride still for me as I have never tamed a rare spawn before and what a better way to start than at the top!

You know what?
harkoaThis hunt is on!

(Wish me luck, I need it.)

A Little About Me

happy-flower_bThings I Like
-Big DPS


-Specifically, Wolves.

-Dinosaurs are cool too.


-Frog pets would be here, but there aren’t any frog combat pets.




Things I Don’t Like
-Raid nights that are canceled due to severe thunderstorms.

-Raid nights canceled due to computer explosions.

-Raid nights being canceled due to Santa Claus sightings.

-Raid nights being canceled due to the abominable snow-man.

-Raid nights being canceled due to Martians.

-Raid nights being canceled in general.

What do I hate even more?
-Raid nights being canceled for 2 weeks straight due to 2 of the above reasons.  Take a guess.

One Last Thing
Super secret project, coming up!

Syrana, I haven’t forgotten.  This time, it’s in.

Paladins Can Still Be Cockroaches

Paladin that doesn't buff.

Paladin that doesn't buff.

Hey paladins! You’re on notice.

Earlier today, I raided a 25 man Obsidian Sanctum.  It started off great… walked about 25 feet before being asked to come and help.

So, I fly there, and summon some people, and walk in.  Fresh new instance, fresh new place.

“Alright everyone, buff up.”

I pipe up.  “Hey! Can I get Might and Kings please for my pet and myself?”

Poof.  Sanctuary and Wisdom.  Sanctuary?! Isn’t that the tanking blessing?

“Um, I have Wisdom and Sanctuary, can I have might and kings for me and my pet please?”

Nothing.  There are two paladins.

“My pet is a big cuddly dinosaur! He likes buffs!”

Finally! Another Poof! Kings!.. and Sanctuary.

I look at the buffs to determine who needs to buff me properly, and I ask again.

“Hey, can you please buff me with Might and my pet with might as well please?”

He responds eloquently with something along the lines of “Less QQ, More Pew Pew.”

Are you serious? Well are you? Do you understand what you are, and how you affect my “pew pew” you degenerate, ungenerous, flatfooted, flat faced, flat nosed, no good, no use, no point, hopeless, brainless sack of shoveltusk toss-up? Do you not understand how important it is that you buff me properly?

Let me put it in a few easy, simple to understand terms: you are a paladin.  Specifically, a holy paladin.  Your job is to heal, yes? Now see, you not buffing me is like me being a mage, see? and being a mage, I don’t put arcane intellect on you, see? Or better yet, casting dampen magic on your heal target, see? It’s not game breaking; but it’s sure as hell annoying and improper dontchathink?

Let me explain what you’re doing.  You are failing to buff me with 550 attack power, which is a lot of attack power.  You are also failing to provide my now angry and ornery t-rex with the same 550 attack power(1 100 AP for those of you counting!).  This is a player who, until now, is fairly calm; but when you say “less QQ more Pewpew you’re DPS your job isn’t hard just pewpew lewl” and then not buff me for the only gods-be-damned job I have in this miserable raid, I get a little ticked.

Just a little.

Here you are, Mr. Paladunce, with some of the most powerful buffs in the game.  Without them, everyone else does worse.  You play a class that buffs people and is meant to be a help to others.  You are meant to buff me, as that is one of your roles.  My role is to not die and to do damage.  Yours is to buff and heal.  Please remember the buff part, ’cause the important bit is coming up.


I can’t PEWPEW unless you buff me.  You fail to buff me.  I QQ to get a buff.  You fail to buff me.

It’s a good thing I can’t do this to you right now, or I might have been arrested.



Paladins, do your part.  It’s not hard.  Just understand the underlying principal mentioned forthwith.


Thank you.

To Hell With It!



Here’s a quick question everyone.

Do you like being told what to do? Being told “this is how it’s done and there’s no two ways about it”?

I would hope most of you said no, as those who said yes are probably just parasitically meandering around the internether trying to find the easy way out, to have people tell them what to think.  People that said yes are the type of people that make opinions which are the exact same as the person they just meandered to.

A long time ago, I had the same problem.  From one source of information to the next, my opinions and stances changed like a breeze.  Oh this guy said that the world sucks? I agree! It blows! Oh wait, this guy says it’s great and awesome and pretty! I agree! Look at that tree, it’s pristine!

Fact of the matter is, I’ve grown tired of being a sheep.  Other opinions matter, but only to the point where they make sense.  I’ve made it an obsession to look at everything I’ve read, and really, really think about it.  How do I know Y is what will happen if X happens? Because this guy said so? Heck no, I think not.  Even credible sources are up for my scrutiny! If I can check something personally, I will.  If something is said not to work, I try every possible way to make it work.

For example, Beast Mastery is sub par.  Maybe it is, but I’m still playing it: and guess what.  I’m topping meters.  I can actually do very well with it! People said not to gem Intellect, and I thought to test otherwise.  For me, it works! Gemming intellect as a Beastmaster actually works well enough since it keeps you out of Aspect of the Viper and it helps get you out of it faster; but are you listening to me? Are you going to gem intellect all of a sudden? Heck no you’re not! You’re all smart and have your own opinions on the matter.

In fact, I fully expect you to all blow about 150 gold trying this out, considering it, and then doing as you please.

Why do I expect you to do this? Because you’re not sheep.  I’m hardly a shepherd, and I don’t intend to be one.  To become a shepherd would entail becoming the delicious host of several thousand mindless parasites that want to do something or other called DPS.

I want to be a helper, not a teller.  Tellers feed you information like a mother feeds her newborn child: with a really big, scary spoon which the woman in charge of feeding seems to think is an aeroplane.  Helpers are the people who put the food in front of the baby, and hide behind the nearest shelving unit in an attempt to minimize stains.

I don’t like force feeding.  It’s a strenuous exercise in telling everybody how to do things piece by piece until they do it exactly the way you do it, which then means you’ve made a clone.  You don’t get the credit for it though, seeing as no one can tell the difference between the two of you, and then you get fired and put into a hole deep underground.

More accurately, force feeding information is like going to the gym to work out only to have a big, sweaty ugly man come up behind you and take you hostage, then do a bunch of incredibly stupid stuff and then have all of the consequences land on your incredibly annoyed and now soiled lap.

Helping people is a lot easier, and a lot more rewarding.  Instead of being jumped by a 7 foot tall giant, being helped by a helper is like going to the gym with a really good friend, having a nice jog, and then jumping up and down with glee as you’ve managed to lose 10 pounds in one sitting before collapsing in an unrecognizable, but happy, heap.

As such, I think it’s important to make your own opinions instead of acting like a neanderthal.

So read the Patch Notes yourself, and if you want my point of view you can ask for it by posting in the comments.



It’s Fillah Time!

Dancing on sunshine!

Dancing on sunshine!

How am I supposed to GET up there?!

How am I supposed to GET up there?!



First Loque I've seen on my server, 2nd Beastmaster.

First Loque I've seen on my server, 2nd Beastmaster.

Charge of the Dinosaur!

Charge of the Dinosaur!

Spiders? What spiders?

Spiders? What spiders?

Can you guess where all of these are from?

You Thought You Had It Rough

Worst timing ever.

Worst timing ever.

WASP Stands for Winning All Standard PvP

Not Pictured: Running screaming Alliance.

Not Pictured: Running screaming Alliance.


Who knew they were so deadly in PvP?!

As I’ve said before, I’ve found out that for Beastmasters a ferocity pet is a really big advantage and a really big help; but to the extent to which I saw, I had no freakin’ idea.  I was truly astounded.

1.  Talenting a Ferocity pet for PvP is a cinch.  It sacrifices a minor DPS loss for a substantial amount of HP.  Cello, at level 80(yeah, that took awhile), has 18 000 hp when I’m in my PvP gear.  18 000.  18 000.  That’s more HP than what I have in my PvE gear!

2.  On the topic of that DPS loss, it’s hardly noticeable.  Cello is constantly hitting for 500-600 damage on plate without Bestial wrath.  He hits clothies for up to 800 without Bestial Wrath.  Priests run away in fear.  He’s like a rogue, but half the size and twice as hard to run away from.  With Bestial Wrath, I can burst down 2 clothies in the space of 18 seconds with Call of the Wild on.  I didn’t bother to look at numbers, Cello and I were killing too fast.

3.  Ferocity brings one of the most helpful little things I’ve seen: Heart of the Phoenix.  Retadin thought it would be funny to see my wasp die.  Took him 2/3 of his HP.  Oh hey, human? Look behind you.  Cello is angry.

4.  Wasps are unique from other ferocity pets in that they have Sting, which is a little bit of damage wrapped in a faerie fire.  There are 2 fun parts to this: first, it’s nature damage.  Because it’s spell damage, it goes through armor.  Secondly. it has a 4.2 second cooldown.  4.2.  Why is this good? It means that the chances of Sting falling off are nil, and more importantly… more chances to crit.  Many more chances to crit.  Crits cause Ferocious Inspiration.  Ferocious Inspiration causes me to deal so much more damage it’s not funny, which in turn causes me to giggle devilishly with glee.

5.  Wasps are so inconspicuous that most people aren’t going to kill the little thing.  Non-beastmasters use wasps, so the pet musn’t be that big of a deal.  Well, you guessed wrong punk.  I hope you feel better about your bad decision, but remember this: never underestimate something with a stinger the size of your torso.

6.  Did I mention this guy soloed a Priest? The extra 9% crit chance helps.  Just saying.

7.  There are 2 problems with using a Ferocity pet as BM.  The first problem is you can’t benefit from Roar of Sacrifice, an incredibly fun and useful ability that allows you to take 30% less damage, which is re-directed towards the pet.  This is an especially good ability for a Beastmaster since it only has a 10 second period where it isnt active.  Secondly, I normally use a Cunning pet.  Cunning pets have Roar of Recovery, which essentially extends our mana pools by an additional 30% every 2 minutes.  There have been a few times where I would normally have mana with a cunning pet, but I didn’t because Cello can’t use Roar of Recovery.  However, both of these issues are neglected in a BG setting for one very good reason: death comes on wings of focus fire.  If you are targeted, chances are you are dead.  Secondly, if a fight takes so long that you run out of mana, chances are that you can jump into Aspect of the Viper for 4 seconds, or that you’re able to drink, or that you’re going to die.

All things considered, I’m very happy with Cello in a battleground setting! It’s harder to kite things around, but I kill them that much faster so I’m not too worried.

Move like a butterfly, sting like a bee? Yeah, I can understand that now.  I wouldn’t have imagined me liking a wasp this much in my life ever, but Cello managed to impress me in every way.

Encore mon ami, your wings beat a beautiful music.

Pet Training: A Necessary Evil?

Forget about sitting sister, how about getting him to level?!

Forget about sitting sister, how about getting him to level?!


We can have 5 of them, Warlocks get 4, and anyone else only gets one.(i.e, Death Knight Ghouls.  No one else gets a permanent pet!)

Unlike everyone else though, we have the glorious chore of levelling our pets.  Sure, they auto level to 5 levels below the hunter, but those 5 levels can be huge sometimes.  At level 10, your pet catches up from level 5 by the time you get 3/4 of your experience bar.  At level 80, however, it takes almost an hour to get your pet to level once, and that’s if you’re in a good spot.  Can you all remember how long it takes to level from 75 to 80? That’s pretty much it, except hunters do that grind up to 6 times: once for the player, and once for every pet.  On top of that, any new pets have the potential to restart this astoundingly boring chore.

It’s a necessary evil though: the reason why no one else levels their pets is because their pets are tools rather than a companion, something to be used rather than be with.  It’s a very important part of the flavour of the class, and it makes hunters different from warlocks.  It’s annoying, but it’s necessary and important to our game.  It teaches us more than any other class that there are consequences to making a wrong choice, which I find is important.

For example, lets take little Timmy here as an example.

Aint that just... just... there?

Aint that just... just... there?

In any case, Little Timmy(Hereby LT) decides it is a good idea to eat some explosives.  LT eats the explosives, and he then sits down on a fire in a very abrupt manner.  The explosives are filled with Nitroglycerin.

Now, in a world where there are consequences to your actions, LT would suddenly find himself in many places at once.  However, if LT lives in a world where there are no consequences, he would burp loudly and move on.

Leveling pets is similar in a sense: it’s a way to make sure that the hunter doesn’t just switch through pets like tissue paper.  It teaches the value of having the strongest and most important pets in the game and there are consequences to having pets this powerful.

However, it’s still torture to level pets.  Like really? WTB Rare Candy, PST.

The key to leveling pets is to find a good place with fast spawns at your level, not the pet’s.  I’ve found one really good place, so long as the leather workers don’t come running in.

Leveling Daggers takes less time.  Sheesh.

Leveling Daggers takes less time. Sheesh.

This cave directly east of Gromarsh Crash Site is one such area.  Fast respawns, easy to kill mobs, and none of them hit particularly hard.  Like I said though, this place is frequently crawling with Leatherworkers, so it can be hard to level pets here.

What do you guys think about levelling pets? Is it a necessary evil for our class identity or is it just a pain in the rear? Should they make it shorter? Longer? Do you even care?

Probably the most important question, do you know any other good places to level them?

Who Or What Makes You

Which one are we judged by?

Which one are we judged by?

When I ask myself what I am, I can answer that quite easily.

I am a Hunter.

Am I good? Heck yes I am.  I’m a top quality hunter, I know what I am doing, and I know a lot about my class.  Anyone who has played with me can see that all of this is true.

Most people don’t see this however.  Last night, I ran 3 things: Vault of Archavon, Old Kingdom, and Violet Hold.

The Vault went incredibly well for me, and I topped the meters as a beastmaster.
ScreenShot_061109_012318I only did 3.1k DPS, but this was off of Archavon alone.  Archavon isn’t kind towards pets because of the Cloud and the miss chance, so I’m surprised I did this well.  Either way, this is very washy but nonetheless effective proof that I don’t totally suck.

So I move on to my Old Kingdom run.  Our group seems okay, and we move out.  Turns out the tank doesn’t exactly know how it goes down, and we quickly find out that the priest is a bit high strung.  After wiping once due to something avoidable, he’s okay.  After wiping to a glitch, he snaps.

“It’s 10 gold every time we wipe.  So don’t wipe!” or something to that effect.

I am in worse gear.  My repair bill is 12 gold every time I die.  He is in cloth.  He needs to be quiet.

So, we continue the run, him arguing that he is annoyed at wiping, and me saying that’s it’s not the end of the world.  I can understand being frustrated, but you don’t voice it like a whiny brat.  That only affects the group negatively.

We get to Anub’Arak and we wipe on him because the melee forgot that pound kills players.  When we get back to the boss fight, I ask for the paladins to buff my pet.  It’s at this point that our pries decides to really go for me.

“Oh, beastmaster.  That explains everything.”

I’m a little angry at this point.  What the hell does that explain?

“Excuse me?”

“It explains why you suck.” He says.  He then goes on to demonstrate just how much I suck by talking about how, since my talent tree is sub par, I am a worse player for playing it.  I am by definition a “bad player”.  This attitude angers me; I hate being told I “suck” or that I’m bad at something when I know I am good at it.

Thing is, I know I’m a good hunter.  I know I’m a good player.  But what he sees is a hunter with a penchant for picking a spec that sucks.  Can I really blame him for thinking that I suck? At first, I’d like to think so.  The guy is shortsighted, oblivious, and really stuck up; but he’s got a point.  I’m not doing as much DPS as the guy next to me.  My Marksmen brethren are doing more DPS, and are therefore “better” than I am.  That makes sense to me, and it kind of hurts.  I technically do suck compared to those other hunters.

You know what though? I don’t care.  Unless my DPS is actually killing the group and 400 DPS is going to save the day, forget it.  I play this game to have fun.  Beastmastery is fun.  Ergo, screw you you ninny, I’m going to go big and red if I feel like it.  I pay $15 bucks a month to play this game, and I’m going to enjoy it.

Next time I see you, by the way, I am misdirecting the nearest boss to your face.

So, I ran a quick Violet Hold to get that off my mind.  On Cyanigosa, I managed a whopping 4k DPS.  See, that’s called awesome.

Some people never learn though.
Removed from groupFigures.

So what are you? Do you look at people and see how good they are by their skill or their spec, and which do you think is more accurate?