It’s bright out here! What’s with the Styrofoam bat?

To anyone out there who actually attempts to read new blogs, thank you for looking at this first post. Spread the word!

Or don’t. I wish you would, but hell, if this blog actually GOES anywhere, I’ll be surprised.

So yeah, coming right out of the factory, this world is bright.
Full of new possibilities!

So, to clear things up, I play a Hunter, and so anything I say is going to have Hunter bias. Though I will try to keep said bias from turning my ranting into crying. Because crying is lousy. Like a… louse. Yeah, my analogies suck.


So I wake up this morning, and what is the first thing I see on my weekly blog check up?
I knew that Hunters had a lot of PvE DPS. In fact, way too much of it. If there is indeed such a thing.

First thing I see is “The great Hunter nerf of 2008

So, we got nerfed. I’ll be frank: I saw that coming a mile away. When we start doing something to the tune of 1k DPS more than most other DPSers without too much effort, we are one of two things:
1. Really damn good.
2. OP.
I would like to think that it’s only because of #1, but it never is. Well, not always anyway.

So GC listed a few changes happening to the Hunter class, starting with
Hunters of all specs, and particularly Beastmaster, are doing too much damage in PvE.” -GC
Ok, fair enough. Although I don’t think Survival is as up there as Beast Mastery and Marksmanship, it’s hard to argue against too much damage. Which still is a bit silly to me… too much DPS my tush.

It’s a long list of changes, mostly nerfs. However, a lot of people don’t see some good things happening here.

1. Deterrence doesn’t suck! At all! 5 seconds of invulnerability. We have our own bubble. Forget camouflage, we have BUBBLE. Well, almost. It only works from the front, although GC said that’s something that Blizzard is going to tinker with.

2. Kill Shot’s CD has been reduced to 15 seconds. Ho. Lee. Crap. That makes me happy. I don’t need to explain why having a ranged execute is good. Having a ranged execute roughly two times more often than before is awesome.

3. Aspect of the Wild is now Raid wide. That’s good. Not exactly “Holycrap, hallowed be thy name GC!” quality, but nice to have.

4. Growl has had it’s threat generation increased by 20%. That is good news for me. Gorillas aren’t going to be the only tenacity pet that can hold aggro anymore. Won’t stop the fact that Gorillas will still be a Hunter’s favourite AoE grinding machine.

5. Spirit Strike will now be properly affected by Longevity. For those few lucky enough to have a Spirit Beast, this is good news. Very good news, for his DPS shall increase unto the sky.

So yeah, some are fixes, others are outright buffs, though I only mentioned the good. Either way, there is a silver lining, and I don’t think this nerf was as bad as “to the ground, baby!”, contrary to popular belief. I guess we *needed* a nerf PvE DPS wise, which we got. We also got some good stuff back though, and for that I am happy.

They missed something though.



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