Who IS This Guy?

This is one of those /facepalm moments.

I realize, upon looking at my first two posts, that no one knows ANYTHING about me. I then realized that is a good thing.


You guys know nothing of my persona, Klinderas, and that’s a crying shame. For all you know, I could be some random guy who thinks he’s all that, and just says things because he can. Like a troll.

The problem is I sound EXACTLY like that in my first two posts. So I’ll fill you in.

Hello. My name is Klinderas, and I am a Hunter. I am not the first character ever made by this Slow Wolf: I’m the second. Madrack, a feral druid named after a character from a game called Hordes, was the first created character of Slow Wolf. Upon reaching level 30 with Madrack, Slow Wolf decided he had enough of druids, and that it wasn’t his type of thing. Hence why I, Klinderas, now exist.
I also have the (dubious) honour of being the Main.

In the begining, I wasn’t a particularly well learned hunter. I captured a worg because they were very cool, and I had no clue what other wolves there were at the time. Shadow the Worg and I shared many adventures, until he decided to be a part of the wild again. Shadow left, and I was upset. I then bumped into a cavern, the Wailing caverns, and found a raptor. I quickly tamed the beast, and I named him Toruk. Toruk was a good companion, although he never truly replaced Shadow. When I came to begin raiding the Scarlet Monastary, my favourite instance, I decided that Toruk be released. I went back to Eversong woods, so that I may find a companion. This is where I met Radix.

When I met the cub, he was level 6. Beautiful red fur, piercing gold eyes, and a savage intelligence. I named Radix after a great animal named Red XIII.
By sticking with Radix through the monastary raids, he grew and so did I. He grew quickly, and by the time I was level 39, he had caught up. We journeyed together, as a pride, raiding Uldaman, conquering Stranglethorn Vale, the Badlands and the Plaguelands. We defeated dragons in sunken temples, liches of power and numerous large and dangerous beasts. We eventually journeyed to Outland to help the Horde defeat Illlidan and Prince Kael. Or his minions at least: fate had another path for us to take.

Upon our travels, we grouped with several adventurers who were working for the Violet Eye. The mages and wizards of that order asked us to investigate Karazhan, the castle of Medivh. Upon first venturing in, I defeated and slew many adversaries, and evetually defeated the ruler of that infernal ruin, Prince Malchezzar. Upon slaying him, I recieved a powerful new weapon, and gloves with which to fire it. I continued to explore this dungeon, and with the help of many friends managed to find great treasures and dangers.

After a time, I began wandering into the Blade Edge mountains. While flying through the area, I noticed somebeast on the ground. I immediatly recongized it to be a wolf, and what a splendid wolf it was.

Sleek black fur, sharp pointed teeth, beastial speed and a ear-splitting howl which made your blood burn. This was a powerful beast, and I felt I was fated to meet him.

I when back to Shattrath, and stabled Radix. He would be in good care there. I then travelled back to the Blade Edge mountains and began tracking the wolf.

Eventually I found him, standing by himself, prowling for prey. I came toward the beast, and it snarled and attacked me. His fierce teeth bit into my flesh, but I did not waver. I continued to show I was no threat, that I only wished to hunt. Hunt like he did. Eventually, the beast slowed, and then stopped. It circled my battered self, looking me over, evaluating me. I kept my head bowed, but I did not show servitude. I locked eyes with him, and the beast looked back. All there was to see was the spirit of the hunt. Of what must be done in order to survive. We became one and the same, as I had with Radix before. The wolf joined my pack.

I named the wolf after a great warrior. The wolf was now named Link.
Since then, Radix, Link and I have slain King Maulgar, the Ogre King, and subdued Gruul the Dragonslayer. We have even slain Magtheridon, a demon Pit Lord of great power.

By this time, the Shattered Sun Offensive began to take place. If Kil’jaeden ever gained entrance into this realm, there would never be another sunrise. We took action. We struck at the armory, and took the port. We stole plans for intelligence, defeated legions of demons at the crown of Hellfire Peninsula and defeated scores of Kael’thas’s men. When the time came, we stormed the Magister’s Terrace. 4 brave warriors, Link, and I, battaered our way through the front gates and accosted the Terrace. Nothing could stop us, and we eventually reached the chambers of the madman, Kael.

We slew him, and this was a great victory for the Offensive. We were awarded a necklace for our bravery.

Although we were not there at the defeat of Kil’jaeden, we now certainly feel the powers of the Sunwell once more. I no longer need to leach of the magic of the land: I can live freely once more. Since I can no longer trust the light after the way it left us the first time, I only believe in one thing: the Hunt. The dance of Life and Death between Predator and Prey.

Throughout recent times, the traitor king Arthas has begun to stir from his frozen throne. By infecting citizens of Azeroth witht he plague and directly attacking the Horde and Alliance, Arthas has once again made his intentions clear: to wipe all signs of life off Azeroth, and replace it with a nevernding tide of servants to do his bidding.

The spirit of the Hunt has never been so clear as to what must be done: Arthas and his agents of destruction must be massacred. They must never succeed.

I have been making preperations for Link, Radix and myself, although I am still woefully unprepared. Nonetheless, I go to Northrend to explore the vast continent, and to put an end to Arthas, once and for all. The Destruction of Silvermoon will not go unpunished.

… Despite the serious nature of the events taking place, I still like to explore the old Kingdoms, and I frequently aid the forces of the Horde in areas such as Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch. I was alive long enough ago to see what kind of treatment the humans gave us when we were in need of help. Instead, we were ostracized. Well, nothing a couple of arrows to the head of those ingrates won’t fix.

And that is I, Klinderas.

Hopefully that wasn’t too long and boring.