I hate to say I told you so…

Aw, who am I kidding?


GC has posted a new post saying the following:

One of the concerns with nerfing Steady Shot was hurting the dps potential for Survival hunters. One of the opportunities with the nerf was to make other shots more attractive so that hunter dps wouldn’t be so much about auto + steady.

Here are two changes we are going to try on the PTR.

Explosive Shot — damage increased substantially (e.g. from 260 to 520 base at rank 4), and additional scaling added to compensate. No longer deals AE damage to other targets.

Arcane Shot — mana cost lowered to the cost of Steady Shot.”  -GC

You can find it here.

So what was it that I said?

And where?

Well, I went on the forums yesterday for a decent amount of time, and posted about our rotations.  I made comments on other blogs.  I typed it out a bunch.  Now I have confirmation.

Our DPS is about to change, and about to be more interesting.  Steady Spam will no longer cut it.  It just won’t.  For BM and MM hunters, this means that you will be and SHOULD be firing arcane shot as often as possible, meaning every 6 seconds.  There’s no reason not too, it now does more damage than steady shot.  Not much more, but more is more.

Secondly, explosive shot is no longer quite what we thought it was.  It’s just a straight upgrade from Arcane shot now.  Which is good… and bad.  No more AoE advantage, but now it actually DOES damage.  It still isn’t enough to make up for Serpent’s Swiftness in the BM tree, but it should help a great deal.  Hopefully Blizzard will change the way Explosive Shot works with Thrill of the Hunt now to compensate for the lack of AoE, because right now it will only regen a third of what the talent tooltip says.

So, what do I say to these changes?

I like them.  I already had an AoE, so Explosive shot was overkill.  Arcane is now useful in rotations.  So long as these changes go through.

And for PvP, this means less mana to use Arcane Shot and a bigger kite shot.

So yeah, I called that.



  1. You’re the first to point me to Ghostcrawler announcing the mana cost reduction to Arcane. Thanks! I’ll pass the word along.

    And welcome to the blogging community!

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