There has been word of people walking into Heroics without a level 80 pet.
This is something that seems to be irking many upper echelon hunters.  BRK, for instance.

I completely understand that BM hunters should not be walking into a Heroic with a level 75 pet.  This is a VERY stupid idea.  Your pet is a huge chunk of your DPS, and the level difference between the mobs and your pet will cause Fluffy, Rex, or whoever to miss an ungodly amount of times.

If you’re BM, DO NOT walk into an instance without at least a level 79 pet.  78 is still too low.

However, I would like to point something out to the rest of the Hunter pack.

If you are a Marksman or a Survivalist, you can bring low level pets into my heroic.

Why? It’s simple really.  As pointed out by another blogger I have started to read, a certain Rilgon Arcsinh, Marksmen and Survivalists don’t rely on their pets nearly as much.  They’re free DPS, but most of your DPS is coming from YOU.  Your DPS is not reliant on your pet.  As such, I am fine with you bringing your pets.

But if you start using them stupidly, yer arse is grass.

Allow me to explain “stupidly”.
1.  Pulling aggro early.  Your low level pet has a bigger aggro radius than you will in a heroic.  If you don’t take that into consideration and wipe a whole group, I will not be pleased.  I have tried to level pets in instances, and it is a hard thing to do.  I leveled Radix, my level 6 cat, in the Scarlet Monastery: Cathedral.  It took a lot of patient people to help me learn how to do it, but it is doable.  So whatever you do, be CAREFUL as to where your pet is standing.  Keep him a few paces behind you at all times.

2.  If you use the pet, I will not be impressed.  If it is safe to use the pet, then fine.  Use it at your own peril.  But if you send you pet in on a pull where a patrol is nearby, someone is going to get a scolding, and possibly a swift kick in the groups.

3.  If you slow down the group.  Instances should not take long.  At all.  If they do, it makes it feel like a bad raid, and then it just isn’t fun.  Instances are quick, is the main point of that spiel.  But when everyone is waiting for the hunter to resurect the pet, or to feed the bugger, it kinda sucks.  It sucks even more when it happens every pull because of AoE or cleave.  This is repeating #2 to an extent, but it’s especially important to note that slowing the group down is to be frowned on.  And then kicked in the group status.

So long as you Marksmen and Survivalists follow those 3 rules, we won’t have a problem, and neither will anyone else.

If you’re a Beast Master though, and need to level the pet? No heroics until the pet is level 79.  Period.  If you want to level your pet, go grind for Frostweave cloth and level your First Aid, or sell the cloth.  Shouldn’t be hard for Beast Masters though, BM pets and their hunters can grind experience on normal mobs better than any other pet in the game.



  1. Thank you. 🙂

    And hrm, guess I need to link you, considering you have me linked (although one of the other blogs you have linked makes me want to gag).

    A formal post about it will have to wait until tonight, though. 😛 I have specific plans about my 300th post.

    And I explicitly tell groups to keep pulling when I’m ressing a pet. I do it in Viper and slam a pot when I’m done, so I usually come out of the cast as good as I was when I started it.

    1. Good man.

      /group invite

      So long as the Marksman or Survivalist hunter leveling his pet doesn’t slow down the group and cause wipes, then I’ll be good with them being in the group.

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