I’m Talented!

talent-showAny self respecting hunter knows a little bit about his talents, and plans them out ahead of time.

Right now, my armory is updated.  Yes, I am still lvl 70.  Why? I study at a university where the internet is heavily regulated, and nothing too big is allowed to be used.  WoW is way too big(go figure), and I can’t play while I’m at university.  HOORAY FOR THE LOGIC KING.

So, as a result, my talents are a little wonky looking.
Which then begs the question: “Klinderas, what the hell are you going to have at 80?”
Well, it might go a little something like this: 54/17/0.

Allow me to explain some of the fishier parts of this build.
1.  No Improved Revive Pet.
This talent was a staple for raiding BM hunters in TBC.  Why? Because pets died, and hunters needed them back.  Why am I not using it? Well, frankly, I should be smart enough about pet management to not let it die in a boss fight.  And even if the pet DOES die, I have Heart of the Phoenix.  Granted, it’s on a 10 minute cooldown, but I don’t intend on letting my pet die.  Which comes to iffy looking talent #2.

2.  Spirit Bond.
Many people laughed at hunters who had this talent in a raiding spec.  Why? Well, before Patch 3.0, it didn’t increase healing done to the pet and it’s owner.  It just gave hp every 10 seconds.  It didn’t do damage, it barely did anything.  It was never seen in a self-respecting build.  So why is it in my build for 80? Simple really.  With the current trend of raids putting a huge amount of strain on healers, I want to be able to give them more bang for their buck.  Also, the increased healing bonus comes from everything, including the pet talent Bloodthirsty.  You wanted pet survivability? That should do it if you’re smart.

3.  3/5 Frenzy.
Either from a completionist point of view(It’s not a finished talent!) or from a rading standpoint(60% isn’t a high enough chance to work!), this idea is a bit novel.  So why is it only at 3 instead of the usual 4? Well, according to some posts I have seen from bloggers and forumites alike, I have noticed that people are critting quite a bit.  Or their pets are at least.  It helps that ferocity pets have Spider’s Bite.  It also helps that I have 3/3 Cobra Strikes, giving my pet more chances to crit than he can wave his darling little paw at.  Chances are my pet will be critting reliably so that this awesome talent will go off often enough.

4.  Improved Arcane Shot?
I’m just staying ahead of the curve.  BM will be using Arcane Shot in their rotation once the next patch comes out.  I just want my extra shot to do the most damage it can.

5.  No Focused Aim?
This one was a bit iffy to me too.  I really like the extra chance to hit…
However, being me, I’m going to do some lazy theory-crafting.  I believe that pets will not benefit from this.  They only benefit from the master’s hit rating, and not his talents.  So, in the interest of keeping my pet and I together, I will get all the hit rating I need to get me to the hit cap, thereby giving my pets more of a chance to hit things and give me the great synergy that is the Beast Mastery Tree.  If I am wrong about this though, it is likely that I will take the 3 points in Improved Arcane Shot and stuff them in Focused Aim.

I think that’s all the iffy stuff, and the rest is a no brainer.

So am I talented? Or is the jury still out?



  1. Bestial Discipline and Go for the Throat. That’s a lot of Focus.

    It’s great that you’re thinking ahead. Heart of the Phoenix is a wonderful replacement for Improved Revive Pet. As a matter of fact, you considering your pet talents alongside your own build is commendable.

  2. It IS a lot of focus, but I like my pet having all the focus he needs to spam Claw and whatever else he needs.

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