Furry Gladiators

kitty4I know, I’ve been writing a lot about pets.  I am sorry if this annoys people, but I do really like pets.  Seeing as pets make up about half of my DPS at the moment, I wonder why.

So, I’m going to talk about pets I want for the future.

Well, I have Radix the cat, Link the wolf, and Lucas the Bear.  Radix will be used in fights where furious howl isn’t needed, Link will be used in the situations when I do need it, and Lucas is my tank for grinding, quests, and off-tanking instances if need be.  This leaves me 2 more spots to fill.

Once I hit 80, I want to be able to PvP and PvE effectively.  I have PvE covered pets wise, thanks to Link and Radix.  So, where does that leave PvP?

For PvP, I am going to get 2 things.
First, I want this bad-boy:
chimeara-portraitA Chimaera.
Oh yeah.  Why? One, they look furry, and I LIKE furry.  Second, it slows people down.  With 3/3 Longevity, his Froststorm Breath(Man is that a weird way to spell that or what?) is on a 7 second cooldown, and slows people for 5 seconds.  For PvP, this kind of a mobility advantage helps a LOT.  In addition, he’s a cunning pet.  This means that he can dish out a lot of damage, stay moving, and take a decent amount of damage too.

But there will be times I could use someone else.  Besides, I’m also a huge fan of BRK’s “Rhino.  We Win” franchise.

furok-portraitThat’s right.  Rhino.  I win.  This guy is a tenacity pet. He takes damage very well, so my bonuses as a BM hunter stay around longer.  In addition, this guy has Intervene, which takes a hit I don’t want to, and Roar of Sacrifice so that I don’t take ALL the damage.
One last thing.
Rhino Bowling.  Check it out people, and imagine that in a Battleground.

So those are the two other pets I want.  I don’t really want Loq, the Spirit Beast.  He is a beautiful pet.  He’s just not my kind of pet.  Remember, I like furry, I like big, and I like beefy.  Loq is slinky and glowy.  Still, a very cool pet, and I will make sure to keep him alive when I see him and whisper other hunters to him.

So there ya have it; the master plan to Klinderas’s stable.