Santa’s a Hunter too!

shorty-sparky-santaChristmas is that special time of the year.

Where I go home!
Where I go see my Girlfriend!
Where I see my family!
…When I can finally play WoW again!

And since this is a WoW blog, not a “my life” blog, I will list the things I wish to accomplish.

1.  Addons.  Man do I need OneBag.
2.  Haircut.
3.  Photo-op for the Pack and myself.  The Blog needs a personal touch that Petopia just can’t do.
4.  Respecc.  I want my 51 pointer dammit.
5.  Level to 72.  Chances of getting new armor: slim.
6.  Level Lucas! He is supposed to be my leveling pet!
7.  Catch the other 2 prospective members of my team.
8.  Mine.  Like crazy.  I need my Epic Flyer still!

So that’s my Christmas “to-do” list.

How do your “to-do” lists for the holidays look like?



  1. Hmmm…

    1. Get hunter #1 to 80
    2. Get hunter #1 his epic flyer >.>
    3. Get hunter#2’s inscription to at least ~225
    4. Have hunter #2 make a certificate of ownership for hunter #1 cause my chimera wants a new name
    5. Remind myself why I work in retail, where the only “holiday” I get is Christmas Day itself 😦

  2. I wish you guys good luck for your epic flayer – i only recently got min – after a loooong time 😉

    Aside from also meeting the family on the holydays i plan to do a first raid after a long time,
    get myself some new shoulders (they are the main item in WoW… – my opinion) and play with a friend who came back to Wow after LichKing.

    It would also be nice to find a new Bow… hmm… so many things to do 🙂

    Happy Hunting to all of you !

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