Follow the White Rabbit…

white_rabbit_by_kyohtI interrupt this series of posts with a fun one.

Aspect of the Hare is a blog I frequently read.  Pike, the author, is a very good natured blogger with adorable hand-drawn avatars.  She also recently posted a new post called “Who’s on First?

To quote a quotation…
Go back to your first few posts. Who was the first person to EVER comment on your blog? Call them out, link that post and thank them! Then tag a few folks to see who they call out.” – Cait at One Among Many

I’ll admit, trying to remember why I started this blog isn’t hard; this blog is only a week and a half old!
I started this blog in my university room.  I had studied, I had read all my blogs, and I had HAD it with the forums.  I wanted to post my ideas on this amazing class in this amazing game.  So, out of the blue… I made Slow Wolf.  Just sat down, and wrote about the “Great Hunter Nerf of 2008” to quote BRK.

So, I look back at my first couple of posts(Not that hard to do, seeing as I have just over 12 :P) and to what does my shining eye appear, but the post of a woman by the name of Pike(or so I hear).

So, Pike of Aspect of the Hare was my first commenter, back when this blog hadn’t moved to WordPress yet.

I have this to say to you Pike.  Thank you for reading that rag of a post.  When I saw that someone posted, I was about ready to flip right out.  Then I did flip out when I saw it was someone I read regularly.  It made my day.

In any case, I tag everyone who reads Slow Wolf.  You guys/gals keep this blog going, and if I didn’t have any readers, this would have died a week ago.

I’d also like to thank bloggers like BRK, Lassirra, Loronar, Big Bear Butt, Drotara, and Mania.  If they didn’t exist, I’m sure I would not be writing this now.  They are very intelligent people who write very intelligent things, and they(along with Pike) are the reason I decided to start writing.


As an assignment, I want everyone to check out all the links I have on the right side of the page.  ALL of them.  They’re all great blogs and deserve reading time.

We now go back to our scheduled program.



  1. I love reading Pike too ^_^

    Glad to see you haven’t give up on the blogosphere yet! New blogs are always so fragile…people never realize how easy they could disappear in a moment. It’s why I started the meme in the first place. One reason I still blog is that I know there are a couple people that do enjoy my writing.

    And now I have to read you too! You’re on my list bub!
    (working on the ultimate blogroll right now…expect it in a few days hehe)

    HUG ATTACK!!! <– from snugglekins

  2. Hehe… “bub” eh?

    I like your style!

    I think this was a great idea, so thank you!

    Your on my too, and I hope to be reading a lot from you!

  3. They’re all great blogs and deserve reading time.

    I disagree, but anyone who knows my history knows why, and I’ll leave it at that.

  4. “I disagree, but anyone who knows my history knows why, and I’ll leave it at that.” -Rilgon

    Everyone has a history. Maybe I’ll find out one day, maybe I won’t. Either way, there’s a good amount of material to be found in the links on this page.

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