Follow the White Rabbit…

white_rabbit_by_kyohtI interrupt this series of posts with a fun one.

Aspect of the Hare is a blog I frequently read.  Pike, the author, is a very good natured blogger with adorable hand-drawn avatars.  She also recently posted a new post called “Who’s on First?

To quote a quotation…
Go back to your first few posts. Who was the first person to EVER comment on your blog? Call them out, link that post and thank them! Then tag a few folks to see who they call out.” – Cait at One Among Many

I’ll admit, trying to remember why I started this blog isn’t hard; this blog is only a week and a half old!
I started this blog in my university room.  I had studied, I had read all my blogs, and I had HAD it with the forums.  I wanted to post my ideas on this amazing class in this amazing game.  So, out of the blue… I made Slow Wolf.  Just sat down, and wrote about the “Great Hunter Nerf of 2008” to quote BRK.

So, I look back at my first couple of posts(Not that hard to do, seeing as I have just over 12 :P) and to what does my shining eye appear, but the post of a woman by the name of Pike(or so I hear).

So, Pike of Aspect of the Hare was my first commenter, back when this blog hadn’t moved to WordPress yet.

I have this to say to you Pike.  Thank you for reading that rag of a post.  When I saw that someone posted, I was about ready to flip right out.  Then I did flip out when I saw it was someone I read regularly.  It made my day.

In any case, I tag everyone who reads Slow Wolf.  You guys/gals keep this blog going, and if I didn’t have any readers, this would have died a week ago.

I’d also like to thank bloggers like BRK, Lassirra, Loronar, Big Bear Butt, Drotara, and Mania.  If they didn’t exist, I’m sure I would not be writing this now.  They are very intelligent people who write very intelligent things, and they(along with Pike) are the reason I decided to start writing.


As an assignment, I want everyone to check out all the links I have on the right side of the page.  ALL of them.  They’re all great blogs and deserve reading time.

We now go back to our scheduled program.

4 thoughts on “Follow the White Rabbit…

  1. I love reading Pike too ^_^

    Glad to see you haven’t give up on the blogosphere yet! New blogs are always so fragile…people never realize how easy they could disappear in a moment. It’s why I started the meme in the first place. One reason I still blog is that I know there are a couple people that do enjoy my writing.

    And now I have to read you too! You’re on my list bub!
    (working on the ultimate blogroll right now…expect it in a few days hehe)

    HUG ATTACK!!! <– from snugglekins

  2. klinderas

    Hehe… “bub” eh?

    I like your style!

    I think this was a great idea, so thank you!

    Your on my too, and I hope to be reading a lot from you!

  3. klinderas

    “I disagree, but anyone who knows my history knows why, and I’ll leave it at that.” -Rilgon

    Everyone has a history. Maybe I’ll find out one day, maybe I won’t. Either way, there’s a good amount of material to be found in the links on this page.

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