Furry Gladiators Part II


As a continuation to my Furry Gladiators post, I am now going to point out some PvP pet talent point specs and why I would use them.  Or my ideas for them anyway.

Lets start with the tree that was supposed to be the Alpha and Omega pet tree.

Cunning is supposed to be the PvP tree.  This isn’t true at all, but it is the tree with the most talents designed to be useful in PvP primarily.

Wait Klin! So what talents am I looking for in a PvP build? Well, when going into PvP, we need to keep in mind three things, in an arguable order.  First, survival.  This means armor, intelligence and health points.  We’re talking stamina and mana here, and loads of it.  We need this because if we can outlast our opponent, then we win.

How we can outlast our opponents will have to wait until another time, and another post.  I’m focusing on pets.

Second is damage output.  If we can’t kill our opponents, how can we win? We can’t.  So we must get damage that cannot be healed easily.  One of the easier ways of achieving the hard to heal damage is through burst damage, which we as a class lack to an extent.  Our pets are the same way.  I’ll explain burst damage in another post one day when I’ve had more time to play with our shots.

Lastly is mobility.  If we can’t move, we die.  Mobility is very important, although it’s not a stackable stat.  It is something only the hunter and the pet can do through abilities, and boosting those abilities through talents is very important.

So, Survival, Damage, and Mobility is what I will be going for, and what I will be going for with my pets for PvP.

So for the cunning pets out there with 20 points to spend, we have this build.

Great stamina, Natural Armor, Great Resistance, and (to an extent)Cornered are all great for survival.  Great stamina gives more life, Natural armor gives more armor, great resistance increases the pet’s resistance to spells.  Cornered, when the pet is hurt enough, reduces the chance your pet is critically hit by 50% in addition to increasing damage done.  Fairly straightforward.

For damage talents, we have Cobra Reflexes, Spiked Collar, Feeding Frenzy, and Cornered(Yet again!).  Cobra Reflexes increases the amount of attacks your pet makes.  More attacks means more crits, which means more burst damage and synergy with the hunter for Beastmasters.  Spiked Collar increases your pet’s damage by 9%, straight up.  This leads into Feeding frenzy which increases your pet’s damage by another 12% when your opponent is at less than 35% health.  That’s 21% potential increased damage.  Then there’s Cornered, which can increase the damage by a whopping 50%.  You read that right.  So that’s a potential 71% increase to damage.  It’s situational, but it means one thing: a LOT of damage from your pet, coming thick… and fast, when you need it most.

For mobility, we have Dive and Bullheaded.  Dive gets our pet to where we want them to be quickly.  This also allows them to chase those annoying rogues if they’re running away.  Bullheaded means the pet gets a PvP trinket, just like its master(You do have one if you’re PvPing, right? Oh dear:P).

Roar of Recovery is an indirect aid to everything really, and it’s more for you than the pet.  It fits under Survival, but for the hunter, not for the pet.

Now for things I didn’t get, and why:
1.  Mobility, Boars speed.
I don’t need them; Longevity does the trick.  What I mean is that Longevity reduces the cooldown of all your abilities and all your pet’s abilities by 33% .  32 x 0.33=10.56.  I’m not sure how Blizzard rounds out their numbers, but this means that the 32 second cooldown becomes a ~22 second cooldown with a 16 second period in which the ability is active.  There’s nearly no down time, and therefore no need to increase the pet’s speed anymore.
2.  Owl’s Focus.
Between Bestial Discipline and Go for the Throat, my pet will have enough focus to keep him hyper for a year.
3.  Carrion Feeder.
Maybe decent in Battlegrounds, it’s nowhere near as decent in Arenas, as there aren’t any corpses anywhere.
4.  The rest.
Not enough points! I would love to reduce stun time and AoE damage, but I needed the magic resistance and everything else MORE.

For all you Non-Beastmasters out there, this build is what I would use(subject to your preferences of course).  It’s the same principal, just with less points and a little more Focus generation and Mobility, as the rest of you don’t have Bestial Discipline and Longevity, respectively.

That’s the cunning tree.  I’m tired now, and need to do a few more exams and then take a long bus ride home.  I’ll do the Ferocity tree next.


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