Furry Gladiators Part III

ridingtigerskinyellownosaddleThis is the 3rd installment on Pets in PvP.  Last time, we talked about Cunning pets, and the talent build I would use.  We also talked about the 3 most important things in PvP: Survival, Damage, and Mobility.

Another very important thing in PvP in Consistency.  For example, if you can’t deal consistent amounts of burst damage, or consistently stay moving, then you have a good chance of losing.

The next tree we will discuss has Consistency in spades.

Unlike the Cunning tree, the Ferocity tree has the most straight-forward talents for damage, and that is what the ferocity tree is for.  What it has in damage though, it lacks in terms of survivability.  But if you plan on having a ferocity pet, you can count on having a companion that dishes out the pain.  Here’s the build I would use.

Lets go through the list we did last time, shall we?

For surviving, this pet build has Great Stamina, Bloodthirsty, Improved Cower, Heart of the Phoenix, and Lick Your Wounds.

Great stamina is a straight up stamina buff, which is always good.  Bloodthirsty gives your pets a chance to heal themselves whenever they hit somebody.  In addition, this means your pets happiness won’t be an issue if you have to resurrect him.  Heart of the Phoenix is simple: every ten minutes, your pet can self res back to full hp.  There is a bug though that this ability won’t autocast, so make sure that if you’re using this ability that you make a macro to cast it.  Lick Your Wounds is a great way to heal your pet every 2-3 minutes, depending on whether or not you have Longevity.  You have to manually cast Lick Your Wounds, or else your pet will use it when he takes one hit!

This leaves us with Improved Cower.  Using cower in PvP? I must be crazy.  But hear me out! Instead of 2 points in Natural Armor, 2 points in Improved cower alows you to cast cower in PvP.  20% reduction in all incoming damage is better that a 10% increase in armor on a pet that doesn’t have much to begin with.  Plus, it doesn’t use up any focus whatsoever.

Damage talents I picked include Cobra Reflexes, Spiked Collar, and Spider’s Bite.

Cobra Reflexes increase your attack speed.  More attacks means more crits means more synergy.  Same story as before.  Spiked Collar is a straight up 9% damage increase.  Spider’s Bite increases your pet’s chance to critically hit.  Critical hits means burst damage, which is what we’re aiming for.  Not much else to said about that one.  Consistent, passive damage being pumped from your pet.  That’s what the Ferocity pets are all about.

For mobility, we have Dash and Lionhearted.

Dash is a huge speed boost to your pet for 16 seconds.  Using the math from last time, the cooldown of the ability is brought down to about 22 seconds.  That’s about all the speed the pet needs.  Lionhearted makes sure your pet is moving more often, instead of standing all stunned or running around like a headless hawkstrider.  Once again, dependable, stable talents that get the job done.

Things I didn’t take and why
There are a number of great talents I didn’t pick.  Lets go down the list.

1.  Natural Armor, Great Resistance, Avoidance
The points not spent in Natural Armor were put into Improved cower, which has more bang for the points spent there.  I would have liked to take Great Resistance and Avoidance, but I already have enough survival talents to make up for a ferocity pet’s terrible survival rate in PvP.

2.  Call of the Wild, Rabid
These two require some explaining.  Both are amazing talents.  Remember what I said at the top? Consistency.  Having your pet be reliable is what makes ferocity great in PvP.  Rabid is a powerful talent, but I would have needed to put points into avoidance.  Call of the Wild won’t see much use in arena because of the 5-3.5 minute cooldown.  As a matter of preference, I don’t need another instagib button I can’t use very often.  At the very least, I can get The Beast Within on a 1 minute cooldown.

3.  Boar’s Speed, Charge
I have Dash, and Dash works for 16 seconds.  Charge can be used more often, but once used, that’s the end of the speed boost for another 25-16.75 seconds.  Boars speed is a nice constant speed boost, but Dash only has a 6 second down time for me.  The rest of the time, the ferocity pet will be zipping about at 80% increased move-speed.  So no need for Boar’s Speed either.

What I tried to do wiht this build is maximise the pet’s durability in the hopes that it would survive.  This meant some cool abilities like Heart of the Phoenix and Lick Your Wounds.  I also wanted consistent damage and mobility.  The Ferocity tree specializes in damage, but like I said before, is frail.  So all the survival talents were necessary, and hopefully won’t impact the pet’s damage output too much.

For all you Non-BM hunters out there, here’s another idea for you guys.  Same idea, but I had to cut Lionhearted out.  I also had to cut 1 point from Great Stamina and Improved Cower.

Whereas the Cunning pet was meant to deal more damage under the right circumstances and take less damage while they were at it, the Ferocity pet deals the same amount of damage throughout the fight.  Because of this, they can’t take it as well, so make sure that your Ferocity pet isn’t trying to take all the damage.  Hopefully when talented properly, it can withstand the heat of the Arena, but it’s going to take a lot of Pet management to make sure it doesn’t die.

That’s all I have to say about Ferocity, for now.  Next time, I’ll be covering the Tenacity tree, and the special role it will play for the Hunter in PvP.


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