Furry Gladiators IV

boarskinyellowLast time, I talked about Ferocity pets.  To re-cap, ferocity pets deal large amounts of consistent damage.  That is what they are made to do.  They do not take damage well though, and therefore require more pet management skills to keep them alive.

One of the important things in PvP as a Hunter is keeping your pet alive.  Why? Well, for BM Hunters especially, hunters gain a bonus so long as their pet is still alive.  The last pet tree is designed to keep the pet alive, keeping your bonuses alive, and screwing up your opponents damage.  Let’s get started with…

The Tenacity tree is durable.  They are tanky, and despite the lack of resilience, they can take a lot of damage.  The downside to this is that tenacity pets can’t do large amounts of damage, and they only have semi-decent mobility.  My build for a PvP Tenacity pet would go a little something like this.

Let’s break it down the same way we have before shall we?

For our Survival Category, we have Great Stamina, Natural Armor, Blood of the Rhino, Pet Barding, Grace of the Mantis, and Great Resistance.

Wow that’s a lot of stuff in this category.  Great Stamina gives a straight up buff to your stamina, which is always necessary for PvP.  Natural Armor is the same deal, but for armor instead.  Great Resistance gives a 9% reduction to magic damage, which is always nice in a PvP environment.

Now for the interesting stuff: Blood of the Rhino not only gives an additional 4% increase to the pet’s stamina, but it also increases all healing done to the pet by 40%.  40%. That’s a lot! Your healer could toss any old HoT and you toss mend pet, your pet could survive most blows.  Pet Barding increases pet armor by another whopping 10%, and increases the pet’s chance to dodge by 2%.  That’s another great talent right there! Last, but certainly not least, we have Grace of the Mantis.  This ability is about the only form of Resilience that a pet can get.  4% less chance to be critically hit by melee attacks.  Period.  That is a very good ability for arena, especially when the poor thing gets wailed on by those brutish warriors.

Damage… huh?
There aren’t any! Let’s go to the next one.

For tenacity pets, there are only 3 mobility talents, and I would argue you need all three for PvP.  These talents are Charge, Boar’s Speed, and Lionhearted.

Charge is the closest thing we can come to Dash.  For PvP, it isn’t not as good for mobility purposes, but it will do the job.  It sends your furry gladiator to the opponent at extreme speeds, immobilizing them for 1 second.  Your pet also gets a 25% increase to it’s attack power.  Although for mobility purposes it’s a one shot pony every 16 seconds(gogo Longevity!), it also has an interrupt.  If you time it properly, it will stop a spellcast.  So amke sure you tenacity pets users remember your pet can do that!
Boar’s Speed is a flat out 30% increase to your pet’s movespeed.  This makes up for Charge’s lack of constant mobility.  It’s not as fast as dash, so don’t expect to be catching rogues with Boar’s Speed alone.  On the other hand, it will stick like glue to anyone without a speed boost like Sprint.
Lionhearted reduces stun and fear durations on your pet by 30%.  10 second fear? Try 7.  Those few seconds can help a lot.

Special Section
Remember the Cunning tree? It had a spell in it called Roar of Recovery, which helped the Hunter and not the pet.  For those who don’t remember, Roar of Recovery restores 30% on the Hunter’s mana over 9 seconds.
The tenacity tree has 2 abilities like that that I’ve taken for him. They are Intervene and Roar of Sacrifice.
Intervene makes your pet take 1 hit for whoever it was targetted on.  Warrior beating down on you? Cast inervene and that is one full hit you don’t need to worry about.  This could also soak up a hamstring if you’re lucky.
Roar of Sacrifice is like the Warlock Soul Link, with a few exceptions.  One, it’s castable, not passive.  Two, you can target it.  Third, it only lasts 12 seconds.  So, let’s say a rogue is beating on your healer.  Well, you can cast the roar on your healer.  Your healer would take 30% less damage for the duration, and your pet would take it instead.  This would only last for 12 seconds though, if your healer lives that long.

What I didn’t take and why?
1.  Avoidance.
Not enough points to go around really.  Everything else is necessary.  Besides, with all the other survival talents I’ve taken, the pet should be still very much alive.
2.  Cobra Reflexes, Spiked Collar
As far as damage dealing goes, tenacity pets can’t do it.  It’s not what they’re meant to do.  For Ferocity pets, it’s important to keep them alive so they can continue to do the damage they need.  For tenacity pets though, they have a different purpose: to survive.  They help the hunter by giving bonuses, Intervene and Roar of Sacrifice.  They also are a form of CC to those attacking it instead of you.  The 2 damage dealing talents in this tree are not needed for the pet to do what it is supposed to.
3. Guard Dog, Taunt
This should be obvious: these two talents only work in PvE! They have no pratical application in PvP.

For all you Marksmen and Survivalists, this is the build I would use.  I sacrifice the extra magic resistance because I think the pet has the HP to keep on going through the damage, and I sacrifice 1 point from Lionhearted because I would need the other points more.

So what is the role of Tenacity pets in PvP? They survive.  They help you survive.  They help the team survive.  They are not meant for damage like the other two trees are.  Tenacity pets are remarkale for this role however, and a skilled pet handler can get a lot of mileage out of a tenacity pet.

The Tenacity tree has more activated abilities than the other two trees.  This is a blessing and a curse in that the abilities are amazing, but it means MORE macros, and more buttons to remember to push.

Out of the three, Tenacity pets also require the least micro management.  Since they are durable, they can handle a few mistakes on the behalf of the hunter.  They also do the least damage.  So don’t excpet your little rhino to actually wipe the floor with your opponent.  He’s supposed to mess with your opponent’s damage output in order to help the team that way instead.

Cunning: All around everything with excellent mobility.
Ferocity: Excellent damage, needs more pet management than the other two.
Tenacity: Amazing survival with lousy damage and mediocre mobility.  Disrupts enemy damage output.

And that brings this series of guides to a close.  Thank you for reading!