Lexus Nexus

the_nexusI ran the Nexus a couple of nights ago, and I must say I’m impressed…ish.  Granted, Non-heroic, but it was pretty good.

Shiny blue, icy everywhere.  That’s awesome.  Magic stuff? Wicked.  Frozen mobs? That’s cool!

But that’s just the icing on the cake, right?  The real fun are the bosses… but this time, maybe not so much.

The first boss we did was Grand Magister Telestra.  She’s pretty fun, and the cool stuff is as follows:
1.  She makes you fly all over the place, while doing a decent amount of damage.  This is a good time to know what your instant shots are, because they’re the only way you’re doing damage.
2.  The clones.  In her second phase, she splits into the 3 schools of mage-magic.  This part was fun for me.  Deal damage to something, adn kill it fast? Heck yes! As a bonus, Jormungandr(My worm) tanked the fire mage.  That was our CC.  Now I know what people mean when they say hunters can Off-tank.
The reason why I thought this fight was cool was that it has a lot of AoE damage.  This creates a challenge for the healer, who normally gets bored quickly.

The second boss we did was Anomalus.
Unfortunately, this boss did little to impress me.  Tank+Spank with some adds.  Oh whatever shall I do? The adds went down like a tonne of bricks.  Oh the drudgery.  I like being able to DPS like crazy, but this was too quick to really understand what happened.  In addition, he was just… lame, really.  He was just an oversized trash mob as far as I’m concerned.

The third boss we did was Omorok the Tree Shaper.
Like the last boss, this was a Tank+Spank fight.  It kicked me in the pants though when it started spawning lines of ice everywhere.  Shortly afterwards, Jormungandr was blown to smithereens.
I actually had to move! It was a blessing.  It was like the Heigan Dance.  Move, or die.  Simple as that.  I like that.  Not the awesome sauce of all sauces, but it’s a mechanic I like.  Too bad he didn’t do anything else worth mentioning(for Hunters anyway).

The last boss was Keristrasza.  A dragon! Yay!.. Oh wait, it’s just like the others.
It has a breath attack.
It has a tail sweep.
The big difference? It has a stacking debuff called Intense Cold.  When you are DPSing, you will ntoice a debuff that hurts you, and it seems to be getting bigger.  Don’t worry: jump! If you move half an inch, the debuff will go away.  That’s it.  That’s all.
The only challenge for us hunters is that we can’t use steady shot as often as we would like.  Oh well.
Well, that and we have to learn to keep our pet out of the way from her tail swipe and breath attacks.  But if you’ve done one dragon boss, you’ve done ’em all really.  Not to say this is a bad fight; anyone coming into this instance for the first time will have fun on Keristrasza.  It’s jsut that she isn’t exactly the first dragon in the game.

So the bosses weren’t what made this interesting.  What did make this instance worth doing over was the design.

It was PRETTY.  Like I said earlier, there’s blue magic glowing from everywhere, ice, cool badguys, high platforms with bottomless drops…

Although the bosses were mostly pasty with some interesting stuff, the instance itself is beautiful, and the music in the instance is very cool too.  I recomend the instance, but don’t go in there thinking that the bosses will be wicked awesome.  Go in there to soak up the art that is the level design.



  1. Nexus is my favorite LK dungeon, I ran it a couple times as a lowbie and just recently did it on heroic. Bosses aren’t much different on heroic except Anomalus spawns a few more portals than usual, and doesn’t always phase out when they’re up. Other than that, pretty much same as normal. But still my favorite. 🙂

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