Day: 2009-01-02

Engineering and YOU!

3gears2This is a brief preview of a more in depth look at engineering for the Hunter.
For now though, there are  few items in engineering that a questing engineer should have.

First, the Zapthrottle Mote-Extractor.
Like anything else in engineering, this thing is a mouthful.  For all you engineers out there, you need 305 to start totting one around.  But when you can, I suggest that you do.  Why? You know those steam clouds? The Zapthrottle Mote-Extractor(ZME) sucks up those clouds and turns them into motes, depending on the nature of the cloud.  For example, the steam clouds in the Borean Tundra give you 1 crystallized water and 2-4 crystallized fires.  If anyone has been reading Greedy Goblin of late, you would know that crystallized fires are selling for large amounts on the AH.
In addition, these expensive motes are used in a great many engineering patterns.
Needles to say, the usefullness of this little gadget is not to be underestimated.
That is all I will say about this little tool for now.

We also have another well known part of engineering: the goggles.  The goggles are respected as some of the best head-gear around, and they look awesome too.  They help detect stealth, find the aforementioned gas clouds, and are a symbol of engineering.  Any self-respecting engineer wears their goggles for a long time, and they normally top the charts in terms of DPS output.  Must have item.

Lastly, for our little preview, we have the repair bot.  The repair bot is arguably the most useful item for longer raids, largely because it repaired your gear.  No need to summon, or anything.  Just plop one of those amazing little bots down and you were set.  In addition, the upgraded version sold ammo and reagents, something of great use to the entire raid.  This is the reason why people like engineers.  Well, they like us for the motorcycles, but that’s a different story.

So that’s the brief preview.  Expect a more in depth look at these items and some others in a later post!

G’night, and stay safe!