Now For Something Completely Different

albatross-l-stareDespite what you may all think, I don’t normally wax serious.
Or wax at all.  That’s a disturbing image.
So, as a tribute to everything funny, here’s a joke.  Just a small one.

A rogue, a mage, and a hunter are riding a zeppelin over Orgrimmar.  They decide to have a couple of drinks, and eventually, things get out of hand.
Says the Rogue, ” I’m going to drop this Distraction off the side!”, and he does so.
The Hunter gets in on it.  “Oh yeah, bub? I’ll toss my frog!”.  And so, he tosses his frog.
The Mage pipes in.  “Oh YEAH!? I’ll toss a Pyroblast!” With a searing wave of heat, he tosses a Pyroblast.
Once they’ve sobered up, the three of them decide to ride through Orgrimmar
About 5 minutes into their ride, they come across the scene of a mounted collision.  The Hunter walks up and asks one of the bystanders why this happened, and the bystander replies:
“Well, they were riding along all peaceful-like until there was a sharp bang! Everyone turned to look, and they ran into each other! We didn’t even notice until about 10 seconds later!”
The rogue becomes sheepish, and they all leave the scene.
Eventually, they come across some orcs, one with a massive bump on his head.  The Rogue walks up, and asks one of the victims what happened.  The victim replied:
“Well, I made a bet with a friend that I could summon a Felhunter, and he said ‘Yeah, sure, when it starts raining Frogs’, but I think he did something because a frog landed squarely on his head and knocked him out!”
The Hunter becomes sheepish, and they continue.
Eventually, they ride past a ruined hut.  It had been burned to the ground, and all that was left was an elderly Tauren, laughing to himself.  The Hunter walked up and asked him what became of his home.
“Well, I was sittin there, but I farted and my house blew up!”



Until next time, and hopefully BRK finds this joke child-friendly.