Ch-Ch-Ch-CHANGES!! Patch 3.0.8

200px-patchwerk<— This is Patch 3.0.8

It’s big.  It’s kinda smelly.
It’s not pretty.
But it does drop some decent lewt.

In case you haven’t heard, patch 3.0.8 just had the change list re-vamped.  Oh goody!
My first post ever was concerning the first initial changes.  I think it only fitting I post about them again in their new state.  I will talk about the Hunter changes, the Engineering changes, and the Mining changes.

Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

  • All Hunter pet abilities with a cooldown of 30 seconds or more are no longer on the global cooldown.
    That’s nice I guess.  You can now cast Heart of the Phoenix and Lick Your Wounds without triggering a global cooldown.  I think this is a bigger change for PvP, as the GCD is a hunter’s worst enemy.  Now that the pet abilities are off it, it should help reduce the strain the GCD puts on PvPing hunters.
  • Arcane Shot: Mana cost lowered to match the cost of Steady Shot.
    This is official: Arcane shot is now a part of Non-Survivalist hunter rotations everywhere.  There is no two ways about it: if you aren’t using arcane shot whenever that ability is able to be used, you are not doing things properly.  There is no excuse!
  • Aspect of the Wild – This aspect is now raid-wide.
    Whoop dee doo Basil.  It’s nice for the 2-3 fights in pre-WotLK, bu otherwise it’s nothing notable.  It should have been raid wide for some time anyway.  I figure this is pretty much an oversight on Blizzard’s part.
  • Call of the Wild: The benefit from this pet talent now applies to only the Hunter and their own pet.
    Well, this doesn’t really affect us at all.  This is a nerf to everyone else! HAHA!
  • Deterrence: Design changed to grant 100% parry and 100% chance to “deflect” spells coming from the front, but prevents the Hunter from attacking. Lasts 5 sec. 60 sec. cooldown.
    First, it’s not a 3 minute cooldown anymore.  WOO! Second, it’s a pseudo-bubble.  No attacking, but immunity from attacks.  Third… immmunity from attacks from the front. Running away with this ability will not be easy.  I think that this ability will be relegated to dodging the ocasional pyroblast mostly, but it shoudl eb useful in PvP and in PvE if you pull by accident.  Just pop this ability and you have an extra 5 seconds to Feign Death with.  +_+
  • Explosive Shot: Damage increased substantially, and additional scaling added to compensate Survival Hunters for the decrease in power of Steady Shot. No longer deals damage to secondary targets.
    Obviously a buff to survival to make up for lost Steady Shot damage.  That was kind of blizzard… but it shouldn’t be caled explosive shot anymore.  It doesn’t go boom anymore! Call it Immolation Shot or something, I don’t care, but it doesn’t go boom anymore.  /cry
  • Improved Tracking (Survival): This talent has been slightly re-designed. Now reads: While tracking Beasts, Demons, Dragonkin, Elementals, Giants, Humanoids and Undead, all ranged damage done to those types is increased by 1/2/3/4/5%.
    Pretty much does the same thing.  Actually, all this really is is a grammar edit from Blizzard.
  • Kill Shot: Cooldown reduced to 15 seconds, down from 35 sec.
    This.  THIS is what I wanted to see.  This makes it actually usable multiple times on a boss, or that elite you’re soloing.  Once the boss is low enough, kill shot should be added to the rotation.  Especially you BM folks, as it works with Cobra Strikes.
  • Kindred Spirits: This talent now grants only 3/6/9/12/15% pet damage.
    If that’s all they’re nerfing for damage, it could have been worse.  5% isn’t anything to cry about.
  • The coefficient of Rake (Cat) and Scorpid Venom (Scorpid) has been lowered.
    Maybe Cats needed the nerf, but Scorpids, I could care less.  They’re creepy little blighters.  I honestly don’t think this will break cats, so keep them around.  As for your creepy little insects, they will be hurt a bit by this.
  • Readiness: No longer resets the cooldown on Bestial Wrath.
    That answers the Beast Mastery Vs. Readiness dispute.  For anyone still using Readiness instead, I suggest finding the closest closet and not leaving it for some time.
  • Steady Shot: Now gains 10% of attack power as damage instead of 20%.
    THIS was Blizzard’s big nerf to Hunter DPS.  Wel, yeah, it’s BIG.  But it was probably necessary.  If anything, it forces us Hunters to actually shoot more than one shot for a boss fight.
  • Serpent’s Swiftness: This talent now grants only 2/4/6/8/10% bonus attack speed to pet. The hunter attack speed bonus is unchanged.
    This is also a nerf to pets.  It’s big, but not HUGE, so I wouldn’t worry too much.  Our pets will still have a ridiculous attack speed.
  • Tranquilizing Shot has had its cooldown reduced to 6 seconds, down from 15.
    For all those time I needed this ability.  Which, I hate to say, is almost never.  And when I CAN use it, I completely forget it exists.  *woopdedoo!*
  • Unleashed Fury: This talent now grants only 3/6/9/12/15% pet damage.
    ANOTHER pet nerf.  Sad Pandas.  Once again, only 5%.  Nothign huge…
  • Viper Sting: Now drains a percentage of maximum mana.
    For people against those with big mana pools, this is a buff.  Against those pesky retadins, this is a nerf.  It is needed though, Viper sting would cause retadins to be oom in 10 seconds flat if this worked the old way, which was straight mana drain.
  • Volley: The damage has been reduced on all ranks by approximately 30% (including attack power scaling).
    THIS is what happens when people abuse an ability! Not to say it wasn’t fun while it lasted, but we were beating mages at AoE by a long shot.  This probably needed to happen.
  • Aspects: All aspects now have a 1 second global cooldown.
    Oh boy.  This is nice, but it should have been done a long time ago.
  • Aspect of the Beast: Will now increase Hunter pet attack power by the correct amount.
    Good.  I think.  Which way was it off by? Was the pet doing more damage or less?  Either way, hopefully this is working in our favour.
  • Aspect of the Viper: Beast Lore, Scare Beast, and Tame Beast will no longer trigger mana regeneration from this ability.
    I wonder how that got in? Crazy bugs…
  • Carrion Feeder: No longer causes extremely large amounts of threat when the pet gains happiness.
    …Say what? I never really noticed that I could tank with the damn thing.
  • Chimera Shot: The secondary effects of this shot will now still be triggered even when the target dies from the ability’s damage.
    That’s good for all you marksmen.  You can still get your mana back!
  • Cower: Now longer shares a cooldown with Growl, but has its own separate cooldown.
    That’s amazing for ferocity pets.  The Improved Cower talent can now be useful for PvE, as it reduces all incomign damage.  With Cower off the Global Cooldown, Cower can be kept up constantly.  Ferocity pets just just more resilient.
  • Dust Cloud: This pet ability will now be cast by the pet at the target instead of while they are moving toward the target.
    Who here uses a Tallstrider? I don’t, but this should be nice for you I guess.
  • Marked for Death: Now works properly for Steady Shot and Glyph of Steady Shot.
    Marksmen Hunters everywhere, rejoice.  Your stuff WORKS.  *huzzah*
  • Master’s Call: Now makes the pet immune to roots and snares for the duration as well, allowing the pet to break roots on the target even when the pet is rooted.
    This is great for PvP environments.  Now you can use this ability to save you or your pet, depending on who is stunned and who is not.
  • Nether Shock: Pets will now correctly use this ability on all targets, not just mana users.
    Isn’t nethershock only really useful against spellcasters anyway?
  • Noxious Stings: When this talent triggers Wyvern Sting, the Wyvern Sting will now last the proper duration.
    That’s nice.  NEXT.
  • Owl’s Focus: Free abilities will no longer consume this effect.
    Well, that’s a good thing.  Roar of recovery won’t use a charge up anymore.
  • Prowl: This ability will no longer sometimes turns atuocast on by itself.
    WAIT.  HOLD IT.  This here, people, is the grail of bug fixes.  If they fixed growl, I would expect them to be able to fix the autocast problem in general, such as Cower.
  • Sniper Training: Now increases the damage of Aimed Shot by the correct amount.
    *waive on*
  • Spirit Strike: This pet ability’s duration and period have both been reduced to 6 seconds.
    For the lucky few with a Spirit Beast, it now works properly.  Now go freak out druids everywhere.
  • Spore Cloud: This ability will now work properly.
    Although sporebats are boring to me, this is good news to anyone who owns one.
  • Swipe: The tooltip has been adjusted.
    To what exactly? Honestly Blizzard, you need to say more on your topic.  This project recieves a B-.
  • Tracking: Entering an arena no longer disables tracking types.
    That’s nice.  *yawn*
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Viper’s Sting to target death knights. They are now invalid targets.
    Well, this means I won’t be wasting it on them anymore.  That’s great, actually.  Small, but nice to have.

It seems that Pets got hit hardest.  10% overall damage decrease and a 10% attack speed decrease.  That’s not nothing, but it isn’t huge.  I suggest that everyone stop fearing the apocalypse and come back on outside.

The thing that has most hunters running scared is the Steady Shot nerf.  The co-efficient was reduced by half.  That seems huge, but it’s really not that big.  Steady Shot doesn’t make up all of a Beastmaster’s damage, or all of anyone’s damage for that matter.  It is a big nerf, btu it won’t kill our DPS, just bring it back in line.  If it’s too severe, I have no doubt that Blizzard will change it to be less severe.

I covered the Buffs we got in a seperate post, albeit optimistically.

Most of this hasn’t changed, actually.

As far as engineering goes…

  • Engineers may now be able to properly engineer Centrifuge Constructs.
    … Errrm, ok? NEXT.
  • Reduced the cooldown and increased the duration of the effect for Hyperspeed Accelerators.
    This is good for any engineer in need of haste.  By how much they changed the times, I don’t know, but this should be very nice to have now.
  • Added a new recipe for epic plate spell power goggles.
    Not for us.
  • Weakness Spectralizers are now usable by druids.
    Not for us!
  • The Saronite Bomb recipe now creates a lot more bombs for the same material cost. While this breakthrough was discovered by goblins, all engineers can take advantage of it.
    DAMNED GNOMES! Oh well.  This is a good thing.  I like bombs, they make life easier.These ones don’t STUN though! They’re good for Wintergrasp and Strand of the Ancients.
  • Gnomish Lightning Generator has had its cast time and cooldown reduced.
    DAMNED GNOMES! I hope that all those gnomes shock themselves taller.

Nothing very noteworthy, but stuff to keep in mind.

Now, for mining.  Yeah, even Mining got a change… and it’s big.

  • Mining veins and deposits no longer require multiple hits to receive all the ore. Players will receive around the same amount of ore, stone, and gems they would have received from multiple hits.
    One word.  WOO! Now for a few more.  This makes mining faster, easier, and more streamlined with the other gathering professions.
  • Weakened Giants and Iron Rune Sentinels can now be correctly mined.

Needless to say, for all the miners out there, this change is VERY nice to have.  More mining nodes and Faster ones at that.  Makes me a happy miner.

That’s really all I have a right to talk about.  Hopefully you guys found this useful.

We now return you to your originally scheduled program.



  1. ok, so theyre making mining the same as it is on LotRO
    … 😀

  2. Indeed, VERY cool.

    We’ll have to see how this changes the profession though… if we can mine at the same speed everyone else gathers, but get more mats out of it, then I have a feeling there will be some changes to either Ore prices or to the number of mats you get out of mining.

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