Holy Crap!

celebration-fireworksHoly crap!
How on earth did this happen?


I will be holding a similar contest to the one Pike put up when her blog hit 100, 000 visits.
Whoever gets a screenshot of 1000 visits will have a picture of their character and/or pet drawn by me!
I don’t draw as well as most, and I don’t draw as lovably adorable avatars as Pike does, but I can damn well try to make it decent!
If you want an idea of what I can do, here’s a picture I drew.
snapshot-2009-01-07-21-49-58I would like to say thanks to everyone who reads Slow Wolf.  I would also like to say that this was an idea completely and shamelessly stolen from Pike.  I did ask for permission though.

So… GO!

Oh, and you can send me the screenshot to slowwolfblog(at)yahoo(period)ca


One response to “Holy Crap!

  1. Your blog is going to ding! YAH!

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