Thanks Are In Order

pink-flamingoI have two things I would like to mention in this mini-post.
First, I would like to thank Mania for all the cool Pet pictures for the guides I have written.  They’re all so cool, and are perfectly easy to work with.  Here’s to Mania!

Second, I would like to thank everyone AGAIN for reading this blog… and to keep an eye out.  Here’s why.
901The people who send a screenshot of this counter at 1000 get to have a hand-drawn version of their character!
Depending on the number of people who send in screenshots, I might have to limit it to the first 3 or so people who send them in.

Once again, you can find my e-mail at the Contact Me! tab at the top.

On a final note, thanks to Mania for lending me her pictures!

P.S Petopia is where it’s at if you want pet info.

2 responses to “Thanks Are In Order

  1. Let’s see if I can go 2/2 for drawing kiribans. >:3

  2. Hehe!
    Seeing as I don’t get as many visitors as Pike does, it shouldn’t be as hard =D

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