Day: 2009-01-11


1k1I’m out of the starter area!

I want to thank everyone who decided to read Slow Wolf, and I hope you continue enjoy reading it! Here’s to you guys/gals, you rock!

Anyone remember the contest? I guess no one remembered, but that’s ok! When I hit 10k, there will be a party!

I still need 9 thousand more experience before I get into Outland though… and that awesome party.

Once again, thank you!


Bias Bombed!

uncle-sam2I’ll be perfectly honest.  My site has been very, and I mean very Beastmaster biased.  It’s not that that’s a bad thing, but that’s not exactly what I set out to do with this blog.  I wanted to have a slightly more encompassing view of Hunters, including Marksmen and Survivalists.

Survival is probably my second favourite talent tree.  My only problem with it is that I can’t use my cool new worm with it!

That probably won’t stop me from trying it out when I can play again.  I really like survival! From a theorycrafting standpoint, it can have a lot of damage stacked with utility.

I also really don’t like Devilsaurs, and it seems that if I was to pick BM, I would be pigeonholed into picking one for DPS.  All the Devilsaur really does is this, though.

I really like Marksmanship too! I love the feeling of a sniper, and this is no different.  Massive damage is always fun, especially from afar.  Plus the shot rotations look like fun, and Chimaera shot has all kinds of sneaky uses.

Since I really like all the trees, I want to have a more encompassing view on Hunters in WoW.  As a result, I will try to be less biased and look at things form a more widespread standpoint.

Starting… NOW!