Spores: Imagine Change!

spore2_0previewNo, not those kinds of Spores!

I’m talking about something I completely missed!

Sporebats.  I have ranted before about them.  About how boring they are.  About how their ability is currently bugged.

My opinion of them has changed considerably of late.  For the most part anyway.  For one, they might be boring, but at least they’re not freaky.  Nether Rays are freaky! They have holes in their belly area.  It gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

Their ability will no longer be bugged out once the new patch hits.  This means that they will be able to cast Spore Cloud properly, thereby negating one problem I had with them.

But here’s the whopper.  Spore Cloud is an AoE!  This is all kinds of amazing!  It’s an AoE poison that reduces armor? That’s so cool!  Plus, it’s a cunning pet, which has a lot of nifty things going for it.

I suggest that everyone go out and try a Sporebat, just to see how it works.  I know I will try to, depending if I can bring myself to abandon one of my pets to do so.

Sporebats just got +5000 rep with the Slow Wolf faction.