Aw, Who Am I Kidding?

Big Red Wolf

When it comes to something you want to write about, I think it’s important to specialize.

Although my goal was to make Slow Wolf a balanced blog for all the hunters out there, I’m afraid I can’t do that on my own.

I will continue to write primarily Beastmaster related posts, as that is what I’m good at.  This doesn’t mean I won’t cover everything else too, it just means that I’ll be covering things from a BM standpoint mostly.

However, I don’t want to give up entirely on having a balanced blog.  If anyone wants to write a post about something, and they want it to be viewed here, I will certainly accept intelligent guest posts.  If anyone wants to hear about a certain topic relating to the hunter class, no matter what aspect of it, then I will write about said topic to the best of my ability.

Back to the hunting!