It’s New!.. And Shiny?

hariiHarii of Ctrl-alt-ELITE!(Which I think plays off of Ctrl-Alt-Del, an awesome webcomic) has Linked me!
A new blogger thinks that I am at least cool enough to put on her blog list!


What’s more, I thought this was hilarious.


There's something missing... 🙂


Being a new blogger myself, I would like to see how Harii turns out, despite her being purply coloured.  Damn Night elves.  *grumble*

So go and visit her site, give her your attention, and I’m sure she’ll reward you.
And as BRK would say “Be nice”, and give her some Kibler’s Bits to welcome her to the neighbourhood! You can find her link at the sidebar or at the top of this post.


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  1. ;D I’m glad I made you happy.
    I DO think you’re cool. And I hope you get TONS of hits because of me. Then I’d feel cool too.

    What’s wrong about being purple? It’s the closed to skin color I could get! *grumble*

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