I Am Not A Crook

I am NOT a Crook!

I am NOT a Crook!

I am a very accepting person.  I accept all kinds of things!

For example, I accept that peanut butter and cake are NOT supposed to go together, despite how much I love the both of them.  To the people who told me this, you are the same people that tell little children that Sylvanas doesn’t have the hots for me, the greatest hero of all time.

Just because I say that someone has purple skin doesn’t mean it’s not true! I’m sorry Harii, you do have purple skin, and you need to see a doctor.  It’s sickly, is what it is.  Just kidding, I know all Night Elves have that problem.  It’s a nocturnal addiction is what it is, you crazy night loving weirdos.

It’s not a bad thing that your skin is oddly coloured though! My skin is nice and peachy.  Just because your skin colour is green, blue, or rotting, doesn’t mean you aren’t pretty like me.  Okay, I’m just kidding, nothing can be as pretty as I am.  Do you see my perfectly coiffed hair?


Now get in front of me before I get shot or something.

I don’t actually hate Night Elves, Gnomes, Tauren, Trolls, Humans, Space Goats, Orcs, or the Undead.  I love all of you because you make me look great.
On a side note, Dwarves are altogether too raucous and hairy, and should get a bath and a haircut.
Okay, I lied about gnomes, I don’t like them.  They make dwarves look tall.  Plus, they are altogether un-menacing, and it’s a lie.  Those little anklebiters will get you when you’re not looking, not that you could look for them since they’re smaller than most kobolds.


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  1. I’ll FORGIVE you this time. Just because you’re so pretty.


    And because you hate Gnomes. As do I… as do I…

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