It’s Time to Talk

todoI’m serious.  I think it’s time that we, as Hunters or whoever you are, talk about some things I wish I could change.

Despite me being the most aesthetically pleasing being in the World, my wishes have not come true! This saddens me, for there are a great many things I wish would change.

First, I wish that you poor, downtrodden survivalists would be able to get a replacement talent for Trap Mastery.  Wasn’t it supposed to be a placeholder talent? I believe it was.  I know it was.  And for some reason, this ability is left in the tree like a festering wound.  Much like a paper-cut on my perfect skin.

Lienna had some great ideas, like all Sin’Dorei do, but I have an idea she didn’t mention.  Mix the damn talent with Entrapment.  There’s one less point you have to spend.  If you really want to have an interesting ability there, then have a talent where your traps and your stings leave a debuff called “Trapped!” which decreases their damage by 5-10% and increases your/your raid’s attack speed against the target by 10% or something.  That would be nice, yes?

Secondly, I wish that I could try out other trees while keeping my worm.  Jormungandr has grown on me quite a bit, despite his tendency to eat all my expensive cheeses, and I wish I could be a Marksman or a Survivalist with a worm.

The easiest way to do that would be to eliminate the 51st talent in the Beastmaster tree.  Exotic? No more! All hunters can train worms, corehounds, or dinosaurs.  And what would we replace Beast Mastery with?

I would keep the 4 extra points for my pet, thank you very much, but I would add that the talent would allow Beastmasters to choose which talent tree your pet can use.  A ferocity worm? I think that would be all kinds of awesome.  The only issue I think there would be with that is that it’s likely going to cause all kinds of bugs.  It would, however, be awesome.

P.S, I wish I had a fourth racial ability.  I have Arcane Torrent, Arcane Affinity, and Magic Resistance.  Everyone else has at least 4, why can’t I?

Lastly, I wish that Rilgon would stop saying that engineering is useless, as it is hurting my fragile, but manly, sensibilities.  Not everyone can afford a mammoth you know.


Damn space goats.  Who invited them into the alliance anyway?

I hope it wasn’t the Humans.

Because that would explain everything.  Just don’t come whining to us Blood Elves for help if they decide to go all racist on your blue-ish behinds.

Because when that day comes, I am going to say I told you so.

And I really do love saying that.



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