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objection_zoom…You’ve probably all read about it!

Many people are talking about a particularly touchy subject; do add-ons make you, as a player, play worse than someone who doesn’t use them?

Here, sit down children.  Now scootch, scootch over children.  Don’t make me tell you about the scootchin’!

Now, in all seriousness, I need you all to move away form me.  You’ll sully my vestments.

Before WotLK, I played with a heavily modified UI.
My old UI!/cough
Stupid dust.  Who invented it anyway? I bet it was the gnomes.

In any case, that is how my UI looked like.  As you can see, I used Bartender, Omen, Damage Meters, Fubar, XPearl, OneView, and even Aspect Meter.  For me, that is a heavily modified UI.

Nowadays, it looks more like this.
my current ui! MRGRLRGRL!That’s right.  Full on basic, with a slight touch of Omen now.

So what does this have to do with anything, you ask?

It’s simple really! It means I have a perspective of both sides!

Not that it matters at all, in the end.  There’s only one thing to really say about this, and I believe that Mr. BBB said it well enough.

It’s a video game, and we can play it however we want.

Granted, it’s taking it a bit out of context, but it is what I’m trying to say.  The use of addons doesn’t make you worse, it doesn’t make you better.  What it does is change the UI to suit your playstyle.  If the game isn’t made the way you want it, addons change it so that it is made for you.  It’s your gametime, after all.

After having played with both a heavily modified UI and a not so heavily modified UI, I can safely say that the Vanilla UI isn’t my style.  I don’t have all the tools I need at my fingertips.  There aren’t enough  action slots or bars, and I really like having 3D faces on my character and party portraits.  I like being able to choose how big those portraits are, making it easier to click my tank’s target.

For me, everything except Omen was because it made the game prettier.  It was improving on an already impressive UI.

By comparing my quality of play compared to how I used to play, I think that I did roughly the same.  Slightly more misclicking, less spells… but overall, same damn thing.

So, to close…

Really, what addons do is make the game suit your playstyle.

So long as I don’t die at the end of the day, I honestly could care less! Dying, children, sucks.  It is almost as much fun as hunting a subtlety rogue at midnight in the Barrens.

My wonderful self being in one piece is the only thing that matters to me at the end of the day!

Oh, and as for the gnomes who invented dust? My lawyer will get in touch.  You indirectly ruined my shirt! It was expensive, and seeing as your entire race is in a recession, I hope I put you all out of buisness.



  1. Mine was the same way, I don’t remember exactly how many add ons I was using, but it was a long list. Since Wrath came out I’ve been using way fewer add ons, and leaving several things as the default Blizz UI. They are starting to stack up again, though. I’m not sure if I want to leave it as is right now, or clean house a bit and get rid of some.

  2. I’ve tried once or twice to use a UI, but I couldn’t handle it.
    Now a-days, I just use the default, with a few addons.

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