Your Ticket to Stardom

This is BRK, and he has a Podcast!Many people know about BRK.

In fact, I would be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t know about him.  My better half knows of him, and she doesn’t play WoW!

As a result, I would think a great many people know that he has a podcast, and that since it’s inception, it has been incredibly popular.  I listen to it, so it must be popular.

I don’t know how popular, I don’t have exact numbers! If I did, I’m sure I would be one of two things.
1.  I’m secretly the BigRedKitty himself.  I just have a Blood Elf Alt.
2.  I’m James freakin’ Bond, I get the info I want when I want it.

Not to let your hopes down or anything, I’m neither.  So, no, I do not have numbers.  I do have a better gun than James does, however.  What does his do? 1-6 dps? Puh-lease, it’s like comparing a twig to a Rocket Launcher.

Thing is, BRK started letting people on his podcast.  Starting with a well spoken Bear, then continuing on to a shy but very intelligent Survivalist.  Now he’s invited another Blood Elf female, and she’s a markswoman by the name of Nassira.  And, due to respect of BRK’s private matters, the one known as Mrs. BRK is not supposed to know.

So how do you manage to get yourself a spot on this immensely popular blogger’s podcast?

It’s simplicity itself really, and has about a 60% chance of working.

First, you must insult him.  The Bear and BRK have a history of sending jabs back and forth at one another, and it’s all in good jest.  Lienna flat out said that BRK was wrong, which is something people usually avoid.  Nassira insulted him by naming BRK’s least favourite type of pet, a Sporebat, after the dwarf.
In short, just jab him.  No.  Not with your weapon, that would hurt.  With a joke, student, a joke.

Second, you must be someone he has not yet interviewed.  Or something anyway.  It would seem that BRK tested the Podcast with the Bear, then started broadening his horizons with a Survivalist and a Markswoman.  What’s next, a Paladin? Blessing of Kings, he’s coming for you next.

Third, you cannot be an ass.  I am sorry, but if you are an ass in any way, the dwarf will not want you on the internets.  It is his podacast, it does represent him.  If he has a loathsome guest, he will not want you on there in any capacity.  By the way, this rule appplies to everything.  No one likes an ass.  Unless if it’s donkeys we’re talking about.  Everyone likes donkeys! They carry everything and don’t complain like some of you do.

Lastly, you have to know what you’re talking about.  All three of his guests are well-read and intelligent bloggers that know what they are talking about.  If you think you will get on that podcast to talk with BRK and chillax, you are wrong.  He is going to talk business, and that means hunters or whatever interests him.  He’s the host, after all, and he wants to provide information.  If you can’t do that, then you’re not going on the podcast.  Simple as that.

So, there are some things I noticed, and my eye is as sharp as an eagle’s.  Plus, I have goggles with a zoom feature, I can see better than you can.  Can you make goggles? Even if you can, you can’t make Google Goggles! Ha HA!

And for you Humans who read this, I suggest you take a hint.  Stop being asses to everyone, especially you Varian, you Elf wannabe!  You’re no better than Garrosh, and it must be humiliating for you to be one step away from being what you hate most.

Also, Thrall buddy, you need a new wardrobe!



  1. Even with brownies(which I can’t bake), I don’t fit in a lot of these categories.

    But I damn well better be featured! Even if I’m NOT a woman like all the other Blood elves!

    In any case, BRK, thanks for reading the post!

  2. Maybe it DID have something to do with that, seeing as the past two podcast guests were Blood Elf females.

    And we are pretty, are we not?


  3. As a diehard Draenei, I was totally going to go off on a spiel about how awesome we are, and how deranged Blood Elves are.

    Then I tried the Scout’s Tabard on on my BE Hunter.

    I can’t argue the point.

    BE’s are hawtstuff!

    BGs, here I come! -fanfare-

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