I Am Still Fabulous

objection_zoom3Harii, did you, or did you not say, that
Fabulous people cannot have geek attacks.
Therefore, you are not fabulous.

You did? That’s fine.

Because that statement holds no water!

Let me explain to everyone why I(and by extension, some other people) are fabulous!

Firstly, I am a Hunter.  Hunters, not huntards, are all fabulous by definition.
That already makes me fabulous.  But why are hunters so amazing?

Well, for one, we can use guns and bows better than anyone else.

Second, we have pets that we can choose, customize, and name.

Lastly, we just look frickin’ great.  Anyone in hunter gear does! I’ve had my good priest friend often say how he wished he could have my gear.  But he could not, for he is not as fabulous as us hunters.

The other reason I’m awesome in every way is because…

Simply, because I am.  You cannot prove otherwise.  You did not see me geek-out! You have no proof! What I said in the past doesn’t matter. I cannot be held responsible for the past! What did you want to be when you grew up? Because you aren’t Shandris right now are you? Of course not! So you can’t be held responsible for that, I can’t be held responsible for what I said, because it was a joke! I’m allowed to joke!



We now return you to your regularly scheduled Blog-roll.





  1. You said you had a geek-attack yourself!
    That’s proof enough! >:D

    But whatever, you’ve proved your point, while also calling me fabulous in the making. Win-win.


  2. What, as if post something more random than me.

    Paladins are also fabulous ok? 😀

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