Quick Bedtime Story

brk-commentNot only did Big Red Kitty comment, but Faulsey and Nassira.

And Klinderas slept well that night, despite the fact he cannot bake brownies.


NO. Not of the blog! Sheesh, what are you all thinking? I’m too fabulous to simply up and leave you starving for my presence!
No, I’m not bragging, or making a huge deal out of it.  I’m simply surprised.

Ok, yes, I did have a minor Geek-Attack, but only a minor one! I can’t afford to be seen in a state of confusion! Then I wouldn’t be my normally fabulous self!

Until next time!



  1. …hah.
    Fabulous people cannot have geek attacks.
    Therefore, you are not fabulous.

  2. Harii?

    You are awesome. XD

    Also, I’m listed in the same breath as BRK and Nassira? That’s scary!

    I’m like this size | |

    Nassira is maybe | |

    And BRK is | |

    In terms of internet fame.

  3. Bah.

    It took out all my spaces!




  4. Ohhh, I don’t meant to say you don’t value me!

    Cause you’d better! -shakes fist-

    Just that I consider Nass and BRK to be muuuuch bigger bloggers than me, and being mentioned in the same sentance as them made me all giddy like.

  5. While I crave it like nothing else, I am also allergic to too much attention…


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