The Humanity of War(craft)

Regular GuyWoW is a game played on the internet.

Now, the thing about games and the internet is that everyone can be as anonymous as they wish to be.  For safety reasons, most people would like to be very anonymous.  As a result, some know they are untouchable, and therefore can be total ass-hats.  Given they can have a huge audience, there’s an equation that usually works out to be pretty regular.

So, here comes the math: Normal Person+Anonymity+Audience=Total Ass-hat.

Both the picture at the top of this post and that great joke are from Penny Arcade.  Check it out.

In any case, WoW is full of them.  Some days, all you run into are jerks, morons, idiots, biggots, and the odd floor-flushing scumbag.

Sometimes though, despite the lack of reward and the complete lack of personal gain, some people go up and beyond what normal people are like.

Sometimes, people are actually nice!

So, from the Hunter Community at large, I would like to thank the paladin that scrapped his hide to give a Hunter a chance.  It’s as if Thrall and Varian got along one day, for only one day.

And so, by decree of Klinderas, I hereby proclaim all paladins to be Fabulous for a month.  Even those damnable humans.


Unless I hear bad news about you guys again.  Then you get a boot to the head.

I also promise to have a real Hunter post up by tomorrow.  It has been too long.



  1. I /can/ be a total ass-hat, if I wanted to.
    But most of the time, I’m too polite (and Canadian).

    And you are now officially Fabulous, because you linked Pheonix Wright.


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