Master of the Arcane

arcane_circle_by_1126jjk… Well, the Arcane Shot, anyway.

Earlier on in my blogging, I wrote a post detailing how important arcane shot is going to be in Beast master and Marksmanship rotations.  What was my reasoning? Well, it’s the same mana cost as Steady Shot, and now it’s doing a lot more damage.

You want proof? I’ll give you your proof!

The formula for Steady Shot is [RAP * 0.1 + 252] now.  So, lets plug in my stats at the moment…
AP =1613+230
[1843*0.1+252] +Unmodified Weapon damage+Ammo=DAMAGE!
[184.3+252]+364+32 d/s=DAMAGE!
848.3 damage per Steady Shot before Armor Reduction kicks in, and that’s if I am doing top end damage.  I want people to correct me if I’m wrong.

Now lets look at Arcane Shot.
Damage=[RAP * 0.15 + 492]

But wait! That’s not more is it?
You’re right.  It isn’t… at face value, anyway.  This bypasses armor though, as it’s a magic attack.  So, it does more damage, although not much more.

But for Beast masters and Marksmen, the fun isn’t over.

Thanks to the talent “Improved Arcane shot“, we can do even more.

Fully talented, Improved arcane shot gives a 15% bonus to damage done by arcane shot.  So…

Now, that’s bigger than Steady Shot by sheer numbers! It’s not affected by armor either!
For beast masters, it gets even better.  Ferocious inspiration now grants you an additional 9% bonus to arcane shot, for a total of 24% bonus damage.  Let’s check it out.

Wow.  For the same mana cost, Arcane shot does more damage, and bypasses armor.  The only reason this isn’t affecting Survivalists is because they have Explosive shot which does more damage than Arcane shot and shares a cooldown with it.  So, they use Explosive shot instead.

BM and MM hunters, however, are going to need to use arcane shot every time they can.  If they don’t, they’re not doing enough damage.  Not nearly enough.  BRK made a post concerning the Spirit Beast and it’s damage, but an interesting thing he said was that Arcane shot was getting critical hits for around 4k damage.  That’s huge for a shot that’s instant!

So, a word of advice.  Use Arcane shot, or start sweeping the bottom of the damage meters.  Your choice.

And while you’re at it, polish my shoes.  They’ve been trudging around in mud and slush for weeks

Here is the source from where I got my info for the changes.