World of Earth

EE-AR-THUH.  How weird.Pronounced EE-AR-THuh.  Or that’s what I’m told anyway.

It’s some crazy new place that is overrun with humans, apparently.  When we get there in about 4 expansions from now, we’re going to have to stop them from blowing themselves up by killing the bad humans.

We also have to stop Hemet from killing the animals, as they don’t re-spawn there apparently.  Weird.

In any case, I have become FASCINATED with the varieties of frogs they have there! I would like to show you a few of them!

Red-eyed Tree frogGlass FrogCommon ToadPacman Frog



Yes, that one frog is being compared to a watch.  That frog is huge.

Why Blizzard doesn’t at least let us tame Murlocs astounds me.  We can tame Gorillas…


I want a combat frog.



  1. Woah! that pacman frog is soooooooooooo cool!
    he looks grumpy, I would sit him on my desk at work. If anyone came up to bother me i’d point to the pacman frog.

  2. What happened to the “hunter related” post you told us about?
    Slacker. ❤

  3. Hehe!

    I really want one of the Pacman/Amazon Horned frogs as a pet. Apparently, you only should feed it about 1-2 times a month. Otherwise, he blows up.

    Alright, he doesn’t blow up, but he certainly doesn’t live as long.

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