The Rejects

platypusMany pets in WoW are based on a real animal, deceased or otherwise.  Hyenas, Cats, Wolves, Moths… with the exception of Nether Rays, Sporebats, Dragonhawks, Core Hounds and Chimaeras, everything is based off of real life.

A great many animals, though, did not make it into WoW.  Though some omissions makes sense, there are some animals that should have made it due to their fighting prowess.

There’s one animal in particular I think should have made it in for sure.  The animal I talk about tests the courage of men on a level unheard of.  Beware, for all those who wish to tame it will face death.  Death by sharp, pointy teeth!

grail180Ye been WARNED.



  1. Nah, I’m good. That’s why Kowbelle’s trained in engineering. One Holy Hand Grenade and she’s good to go.

  2. You know, since you’ve posted a picture of a Platypus… I totally want one for a pet.

    Think about it! They have quite potent venom, and they also have the “omgwtfisthatit’ssocreepygetitawayfrommybaby!” type look going for them.

  3. I still think wow needs foxes. It has a cunning tree but no foxes. Someone should be fired for that mistake!

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