Impressions of a Beastmaster: Survival

campingI was curious.

I’m sorry, god of Beastmastery, I will not falter for awhile.

You see, I tried survival.  Just to see how it worked.

WOW.  The number of shots I could use! I probably got the wrong glyphs and everything, but with a 50 mana difference between Aimed and arcane, I figured using aimed wouldn’t hurt too much.

So, Serpent Sting, Explosive shot, Aimed Shot, Steady shot priority.  I went for a long ranged build

Yes, it was a sucky build, but work with me on this one.

I tried it out, and I loved having all those cool new shots! It was great! Plus, kiting was a breeze.  The amount of damage I could dish out while Kiting was ridonculous.  Ridiculous is too normal a word to use here.

… However.  I missed the utility that my pet could bring to the table.  You see, I had a quest where you have to kill a magnataur called Gigantaur.

I could not solo him.  Not possible.  He was also incredibly hard to kite, as he ran incredibly fast, so no kiting either.

So, I tried to get a group going.  We almost got him, but our paladin died(honest! They can die!) and then our rogue evasion tanked for as long as he could.  Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough, and we wiped.

So, I opted to go back to BM, and we could use my worm to tank.  The paladin would heal.

This worked to perfection.  No issues.  The tankadin kept Jormungandr topped up nicely, and he never lost threat.

So, survival? Great mana conservation.  Awesome kiting.  Great damage.

Hard to do anything else? Ayup.

Now, for all your survivalists…




  1. Not kitable, HAH! you gave up too easy. It took me 3 attempts but I managed to kite Gigantaur to the nearby town and watches those walrus’ swarm that foolish beast!

    You must learn the ancient art of the snake-trap kite, almost anything is possible with that!

    Well that or respec BM and just tank things, if you want to be crude!

  2. Lienna, what do you mean crude?!

    There’s a certain finesse to sending a huge beastie to smash somethings face, repeatedly…

    Ok, maybe there isn’t.

  3. You know…

    I completely forgot about snake trap. That probably would have been a good idea…

    Maybe next time! For now, I’m testing something else out!

  4. You must learn the ancient art of the snake-trap kite, almost anything is possible with that!

    Ancient? We’ve only had Snake Trap for maybe half of the time WoW has existed, how can any tactic with it be “ancient”? 😛

  5. Snake traps have been around for a long, loong time, okay so they used to be crude pits in the ground where people were thrown in to be executed, but the principle is the same…

    Besides “you must learn the reasonably modern art” just doesn’t have the same ring you know?

  6. That’s true… it really doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    However, the ancient art of “Tank+Spank” has that ring, and actually IS ancient!

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