I’ll Be Back!

... right after I click this picture!

... right after I click this picture!

… and by “I,” I mean “We”.

Beastmaster’s received a small blessing, and bragging rights(okay, we still don’t get these, they belong to survivalists and marksmen), when Ghostcrawler said something along the lines of “sorry.”

What does this mean? Well, beastmasters were nerfed too hard folks, and even GC noticed.

So what does that mean? It means GC wants beastmasters like myself to be able to be a part of the Flavour of the Month club.  To be a honest-to-goodness DPS machine in a tightly wound up package.

More importantly, to be able to share this spotlight with the marksmen and survivalist folks.  And therein lies the problem.

The problem with everyone sharing the spotlight is that it is, in all actuality, impossible in every way.  At least in WoW, balance is a dream and will never happen.

Imagine if every tree was balanced, magically.  If every tree did the same DPS, and were unique in play style… that would be awesome.  It’d be great.

… until the next patch came out.  If stats would increase for everyone by an equal amount, and everyone had the same armor it would end up unbalanced.

Why? Well, unlike our marksmen and survivalist brethren who gain +45 agility, we gain that same agility for us and our pet.  So do they, but the stats and such that we beastmasters give to our pets are amplified by a much larger amount than theirs, thanks to our talents.  As a result, the gain from stats is much larger for us beastmasters than for the other two types of hunters.  As a direct result, an increase in stats is a much larger bonus for beastmasters than for marksmen and survivalists.  This is just one example why there can’t be a complete balance.

This means that every time we get a new patch or expansion, there will be rebalancing everywhere due to the rapid growth in the beastmaster sector, and the turtle-speed growth in the marksmen and survivalist sectors.

What all this means is, beastmasters got nerfed here.  It’s likely, in the future, we’ll become overpowered and be nerfed again.  We’d be rebalanced, buffed, nerfed, and so on, until the day they shut down the servers.

So can everyone hope for a completely balanced WoW? We can.  It’s a very good goal to have in mind, but make a note of this: it is only a goal.  The reality is that there will always be someone ahead of the other in the Hunter class, and there are going to be waves.  Stay fast, or learn to surf.

In closing, for everyone who didn’t see this coming, you are all blind.  Like bats.  Or a drunken dwarf.


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