Changing Pace

Alarming Lights!The website has changed! Did you notice?

Why? It’s simple really.

I got bored.  My earlier theme looked really good, but It got kinda bland.  I don’t think I’ll change anymore, but this was needed.

Besides, it does make everything look fabulous!

Speaking of changing things, I destroyed my earlier Death Knight.

Everyone, please welcome Colemand!


…Hello.  I see you’re all perfectly fine.  Or at least the majority of you aren’t rotting.  Doesn’t matter, seeing as I can’t smell anything other than grave dust…

I bet that you all taste delicious however! I mean, anyone would after eating so many scarlet crusaders.  See, they’re a bit on the spicy side, but they’ve begun to get bland.  And now I can’t eat them anymore!

Wait, what’s that? No eating visitors! Dammit Klinderas, you’re about as much fun as Arthas when he gets his ass frozen to his chair.

And what’s that freak’s obsession with his hair? It’s unnatural I tell you! Does anyone agree with me here? Hey! You can’t do that! HEY! GET YOUR FANCY HANDS OFF OF ME, ELF!



…I would like to apologize for my co-host’s behaviour.  He just needs to get out more often, meet some ghouls or something.

In any case, I hope to have some new information pertaining to Hunters everywhere.  Stay tuned.



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