Wolf Who Runs Like Tortoise

gift_surpriseThere a lot of blogs out on t3h int3rn3tz.  I try to read a lot of them, but time constraints are beginning to be noticeable.

I would like to point everyone out to Windpaw’s World, if you haven’t checked it out already.  The blog is a great read, and Windpaw writes very well.

Plus, if you haven’t read Blood-Coloured Lion of Mountain Size, you haven’t ready anything yet.

In addition, I’d like to point out another blogger.  Despite the… somewhat disconcerting banner, Point of No Escape is a solid blogger.  Go read it.  Now.  You won’t regret it.

As a reminder, every blog I put on the side here is worth reading, in my opinion.  As you well know, my opinion is law, and as such, you will read them.  All of them.  Gwahahaha…


Or I will kill you.  Simple as that, really.  I might do it anyway though, you all look like you might go well in a turkey sandwhich…



I will cut your hair while you sleep!


I really have to stop feeding him Fel Orcs… it’s not good for his mental stability.



  1. You did not just go there.

    I cannot be held responsible if Ellaria bombs your house, then cuts your hair, violently, with a flaming axe.

    Literally flaming, she’s a shaman, after all.

  2. Thanks Klinderas for the link and the kind words about my blog!

    I plan to add some new features and make it more entertaining. For now I’m just trying to get something written once per day, trying not to rehash what others write about. That can be difficult since there are so many blogs out there.

  3. I understand that.

    What makes you unique is your spin on things though. If you have something to say about something, you’re going to say it differently than if I said it, or if BRK said it.

    Just remember that too!

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