Day: 2009-02-04

Ten Commandments of Hunting

huntercommandments1It is I! Klinderas.

Low and behold, my subjects…
The 10 commandments of Hunterdom! Let them ring!

Let them be heard!

“And The Hunter spoke all these words, saying: ‘I am the coolest class ever, and if you decide to play as a Hunter, then you must follow these rules…

ONE: ‘Thou shall not die meaninglessly.’

TWO: ‘Thou shall use your pet.’

THREE: ‘Thou shall keep thine pet alive through the means provided to you.’

FOUR: ‘Thou shall not bear false witness, unless it’s for Misdirection purposes.’

FIVE: ‘Thou shall not anger thine tank.  Their Rage is not increased by their Ire towards you.’

SIX: ‘Thou shall not steal the loot of others… too much.’

SEVEN: ‘Thou shall used your ranged weapons to deal death.  Not your sword, not your polearm, and not your kitchen knife.  I mean it.’

EIGHT: ‘Thou shall not do anything that causes the death of your fellow party members.’

NINE: ‘Unless they really deserved it, in which case, Misdirection is a good way to do it.’

TEN: ‘You shall learn to Feign Death before you pull aggro, or so help me I will smite you into a graveyard so far away, your corpse run will last an eternity.’