Why Do We Do This?


From WoW TCG

I was perusing my blogs this morning when I came across a post from Miss Elf, a blogger I frequent often.

She had been inspired by a Tales of a Priest to answer the following question:

Why do you heal?

This got me thinking.  Why do I heal?.. wait a minute.


I don’t heal! Silly me, I’m the exact opposite! That changes things!

Why do I DPS then?

The answer is simple; I like my opponents dead.  I like feeling like it’s a race to the kill, and if I don’t give it my all, the group dies.  A perfect example can be found in a post from Critical QQ about how a run didn’t go well because the other DPS stunk.  Without good DPS, you die.  That’s the moral of that story.

So we help the group kill things.  Big deal, so can tanks.  They just do it slower, right? So why aren’t you tanking?

Here’s the thing: tanks make sure I kill stuff by taking all the hits.  They don’t do nearly as much damage.  It’s just common sense that a Healer’s mana will run out long before you kill anyone if all there are in the group are tanks.  Plus, could you imagine the adds? Gluth would kick your butt without us DPS.

So why do I do this? Why do I DPS?

Because someone has to do the fun stuff, and I really don’t mind.




  1. You know, DPS is fun when doing dailies and stuff, but I have no idea how people do instances as DPS. It’s just so boring and I feel so helpless if I can’t help the group when things go badly (e.g. with backup heals and so on).

    How do you stay committed to playing DPS? How do ANY of us stay committed to our single roles…?

    I know in the case of healing, I couldn’t tell you what a lot of fights do for other roles. I couldn’t tell you ANY features of any instances. I don’t get time to see it. I know what I need to do for each fight inside out, but there’s a ton of stuff I don’t know for DPSing.

    – Miss Elf

  2. Not be able to do anything if stuff goes haywire?

    Sure, we might not be able to resurrect our fallen. However, we more than make up for it with interesting abilities such as Misdirection, Traps, kiting, and our pets. We can gather a few mobs and keep them off your squishy hide if things go badly… or at least, that’s what good DPS can do.

    Besides, I have yet to find a game where killing people is boring. 🙂

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