When Life Gives You Lemons…

You clone them, and make SUPER lemons!

You clone them, and make SUPER lemons!

…Well, the answer is simple, isn’t it?

But when life gives you a glimpse at hunter changes…

Slow Wolf gives you a spin on them! Patch Juice!

As luck would have it, Eyonix posted a list of things that they are currently discussing at Blizzard HQ, a list of things involving patch 3.1.  As many of you know, this has the potential to be the biggest patch since 3.0, largely thanks to rumours of Dual Specs, and the major changes happening to every class.

Warlocks getting replenishment? Luxury!

Blessing of Kings being base trainable by all paladins? Vanity!

Hunters needing no ammo?.. wait, SAY WHAT?

Lets look at the hunter changes for now.

  • Consumable ammunition has been removed from the game. Arrows and bullets no longer stack, but are not consumed. Ranged attack speed bonus gained from quivers and ammo bags will be preserved in a different capacity.
    Well.  I think that the forums have been foaming at the mouth for a change like this since TBC.  Ammo has become incredibly expensive, and this will help relieve that financial stress by a large margin.  Plus, no more “I have to go buy ammo” runs in the middle of a raid.  As far as the attack speed goes, I think they’ll just add that to the arrows themselves.  Overall, pure win, and a new bag slot.
  • A new tier of hunter pet talents have been added. In particular, this allows Beastmaster hunters to improve their damage per second (DPS) with their 51 point talent.
    A new tier? Like, a new frontier? I feel like Kirk, ’cause I have no freakin’ clue what is out there.  Until they reveal what type of talents our pets can get, who knows what is going to happen.
  • Hunting Party – this talent has been reduced to 3 ranks and also grants a passive bonus to the hunter.
    I… I really don’t know what to say.  This is great, no doubt.  Speccing survival isn’t easy, largely because of the amount of points you have to spend on lower tiers.  This makes taking more than 3 ranks in Hunting party hard to do, as you didn’t have enough points to really do it.  Now that it is 3 ranks maximum, this won’t be as much of an issue.  As far as the passive buff goes… maybe raidwide Expose Weakness again? Who the hell knows.
  • Piercing Shots – this talent has been changed. Your Aimed, Steady and Chimera Shots cause the target to bleed for 10/20/30% of damage dealt for 8 sec.
    Now this… this should have Rilgon foaming at the mouth.  If your Chimera Shots are critting for what, 8900 on the top end(thank you for the info Rilgon), 30% of that is 2600.  That’s a freakin lot of damage! This is also going to kill those pesky rogues in PvP; They can’t vanish out of bleed effects.
  • Sniper Training – this talent has been changed. After standing still for 6 sec, you gain a 2/4/6% damage bonus to Steady, Aimed and Explosive Shot.
    This has a good and a bad side.  Good side is that this talent is much easier to use while trapdancing, and it’s shouldn’t affect PvP too much at all.  In addition, you don’t have to rely on getting Hawk eye if you wish to use this talent.  Bad side: Fights with a lot of moving make getting this buff to your damage impossible.  Heigan, I’m looking at you, you rat-bastard.
  • We are also looking to add additional trap functionality to Survival.
    Okay, does this mean they finally get a new talent to replace Trap Mastery? Or is Resourfulness going to affect Lock and Load? Who knows.  I can only suppose it’s going to be good, but how? Will it really help?
  • So, what can I say about these changes?

    Looks like we’re going where no man has gone before.  We’re going into county with a blindfold.  We could be walking into Elysium, I have no flippin’ idea.  But if any/all of these changes go through, we’re going to be in a better place than we have been in awhile.

    Also, Blizzard, can my hunter get all the gold I’ve spent on arrows back please? I could afford my roflcopter that way…



    1. Waitwait, I didn’t read the Warlock changes much beyond skimming to see if there was any mention of getting rid of Soul Shards.

      They’re getting replenishment?

      Because I saw this re: mages.

      Improved Water Elemental – this talent has been removed and replaced with a new talent that grants Replenishment (similar to Shadow priests).

      There is going to be a LOT of replenishment flying around in 3.1, it seems!

    2. Indeed.

      Warlocks are getting it in the form of Destruction(ironic, no?)

      Improved Soul Leech is the replenishment talent for them.

    3. They consider Replenishment to be something that should be present in every raid – 10-man OR 25-man – so they’re spreading out the availability of it so they can balance around it.

    4. That’s exactly what I was thinking, and what has been flying around for the past week and a half or so.

      What’s next? Healers?

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