Creature Feature: The Beginning

Now just add fangs on all of them and we're good...

Now just add fangs on all of them and we're good...

We, as hunters, all have pets.  They are a badge, and a distinguishing part of our class much like minions are for a Warlock, or glowy blue eyes are to a Death Knight.

For some people, the pets are a means to an end.  To others, they pick pets based on whether they like them or not.  Some are a mix of both.

The problem with all this is that there are so many pets to choose from.  The choice can be daunting! Either that, or you know exactly which pet you want, but you don’t know how it will hold up, or where it will be the most effective.

I will be starting a series of posts that will detail each and every pet family, in no particular order.  Each entry will describe the pet’s abilities, and where they are strongest, where they are weakest, and how to work with what they have.

Stay tuned! Every few days or so should have a new entry, until we run out of pet families.



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