Creature Feature: Cats

Cats! EYAH!

Cats! EYAH!


Their popularity was unmatched, their skill unsurpassed, and their beauty,  renowned.

Cats are a hunter’s signature pet.  Since the first days of WoW, even with the old pet system, Cats were the among best DPS out there.  Even now, for DPS purposes, you really can’t go wrong with a cat.

Cats are Ferocity pets.  This means they get a 10% bonus to damage dealt and a 5% increase to health points.  They do not receive a bonus to armor, however, making them squishy to direct melee attacks.

The Focus Dump skill for Cats is Claw, and they have two special moves: Rake, and Prowl.  Most pets only have one special move, so Cats are unique in this regard.

Cats are immensely popular, and they have 24 different skins, 21 of which are tamable.  Many of their skins are fantastic, and very pretty.  A good number of them are also incredibly hard to get.

Cats can be tamed by all hunters.

Rake: This ability strikes for a scalable amount of damage, then causes the opponent to bleed for more damage over time.

This ability scales with the attack power of your pet, meaning that the stronger your pet gets, the stronger this ability becomes.

Rake does significant amounts of damage, making it a very powerful ability for DPS.  In addition, the secondary effect of Rake, the bleed damage, works with a druid’s Mangle ability.  Cats will do very good DPS with a druid in the raid thanks to Mangle.

Unfortunately, that’s all Rake does in PvE: Damage.  If you want more utility, then I suggest a different pet.

For PvP, Rake is a damage dealer as well; however, there is something of note.  Rake does bleed damage, which is something hunters normally don’t do.  They can keep this damage on constantly as well.

This is important for one thing in PvP: Stealthers.  Take a rogue, for example.  If the rogue gets in a sticky situation, and wants to get away, he will vanish more often than not.  This will get rid of magic and poisons; it does not get rid of bleed effects.  If your cat has used Rake on a rogue before he vanishes, the rogue will not be in a vanished for very long.

Earlier PvE bonuses apply to Rake as well.

Once again, all the ability provides is DPS.  Other than there being a bleed effect, Rake doesn’t have any other utility.

Prowl: Causes the cat to go into stealth.  It increases the damage of the first attack the cat uses when it breaks stealth.  Slows the pet down.

This ability has limited use in PvE.  More often than not, the damage increase is offset by the time it takes for the cat to get fighting.  It can be useful for sneaking past some areas, but there’s really no point to using it for PvE.  There’s no reason not to use it either, other than the cat slowing you down.

In PvP, it can be useful.  Since it hides your cat, your opponent must be close in order to attack the animal.  This also allows your cat to sneak up on targets without them noticing.  You can send your torpedo kitty to the healer, and no one will notice the beast until it strikes.  The increased damage also gives the cat some extra burst, which is always a good thing in PvP.

Cats make their homes both in PvE, and in PvP environments.  Their high damage will always be welcome in any environment, and Prowl allows for some interesting options in PvP.  In both situations, Pet management must be top notch in order to keep your companion in the fray, as it does not have alot of HP, and it has even less armor.

Being a Ferocity pet, there are talents to strengthen your cat’s damage dealing capabilities(Rabid, Spider’s Bite…), and talents to reduce squishiness(Improved Cower, Bloodthirsty…).  Both must be taken into consideration to keep your feline friend in the fray.

Cats are very graceful, powerful, and intelligent companions.  They can be depended upon to do most tasks, especially killing your opponent very quickly.

Their fur is fabulous, and many types of cats exist.

I think it’s entirely possible that the legendary Spirit Beasts are magic-infused versions of Cats.  We shall see if that fate befalls Radix or not.

Their teeth are entirely too long to be considered anything but out of place.

Nonetheless, a beautiful, powerful, and altogether amazing pet.

Teriyaki sauce.  350 degrees for an hour in elvish wine.  Serve with leaks.  ‘nuf said.



  1. Ahhh, cats.
    I’m tried, tried, and tried again to switch to another pet. It just never felt right.

  2. I think this is an excellent idea. Especially the little Colemand’s thoughts bit at the end!

    I love my cat. RL friends who play WoW or know I do are surprised to find I have cat, because they know of my hatred of cats IRL.

    What they don’t know is that I only hate housecats. Big cats are amazing. They are powerful, wild animals, and their haughty personality is acceptable.

    The haughty personality of house cats does not befit a small, easily kicked creature. -hates housecats-

  3. Harii! Good to see you back!

    Yes, Snow Leopards = the awesomeness. It was that or a Lion riding a horse.

    I love house cats! They’re adorable, and they’re so relaxing to pet.

  4. Cats…

    This is all I have to say about cats:

    I had a cat for about 30 minutes, when I was leveling through STV years and years ago. Then released it, and went back to my wolf.

  5. That was a great picture!

    I still think cats are fine. But they and those creepy buggers(Scorpids) are probably chanting that to whichever gods they hold dear.

    Which means to say, me.


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