Day: 2009-02-10

Things I Wish I Could Do But Don’t Know How

190942710_6a001664f31.  I wish I could work at Blizzard as a content tester.

2.  I wish I could design a whole new playable race.

3.  I wish I could make them wolvish.  Werewolves should at least be tameable!

4.  I wish I could tame a cow.

5.  I wish I could train said cow to be ferocity.

6.  I wish I could ride the cow as a mount.

7.  I wish that I could use the aforementioned cow to jump over the moon.

8.  I wish I could use my Worm as a mount.  Lollercoaster, wutwut?!

9.  I wish I could make a Podcast.

10.  I wish I could make a podcast without it looking like I’m stealing BRK‘s shtick.

11.  Or better yet, I wish I could be on BRK’s podcast.  He produces, I talk.  Score!

12.  Most importantly, I could shout like this!

13.  12 was a lie.  Most importantly, I wish I could do this.


Rabid Wolf Smells A Bad Smell

This is me.  Seriously!

This is me. Seriously!

I am not impressed.

To say the least.

I should have seen it coming though.  It’s a big change.

But why oh why did they lift my hopes up, only to dash them away?

The ammo change that was announced might come out for 3.1.0 is most definitely not coming out then.  Blizzard says that they “still fully intend to move forward with this change when the additional functionality becomes available.”(WoWInsider, Breaking: Consumable ammunition will not be removed in patch 3.1, February 10th 2009, Adam Holisky)

So, naturally, I’m kinda upset.  Blizzard will try to make it up to us by allowing arrows to stack higher, by removing the need for quivers, and by making up for the loss of quiver-haste in some way, shape, or form.

This, by the way, is still a crock(or poo, for all you young’uns).  Okay, great! We lose our 24 slot bag for our arrows, and replace it with our 16 slot.  We still have to buy our arrows, but HOLY MACKEREL, they stack higher.  What’s higher? 400? 800? 1000? Who cares, the fact still remains that we have to buy these bastardly things in copious quantities.  We will still have to delegate a bag to them, probably.

Our haste is being made up for losing our quivers, huh? Well, how? I ask you.  It’s likely that when they release it, it’s going to be bugged and won’t work.  Or they’ll leave it out so that BM has a use for haste.

Okay, that’s a little far.  I know Blizzard won’t do that, or my name isn’t what it is.

Maybe I’m over reacting, but this still ticks me off.  This really, in the end, changes nothing for us.  So, that’s a hidden one, slipped under the radar.  I really wish Blizzard would stop sugar coating things.  I can get sugar for my coffee if I damn well feel like, but I’ll take it black, thanks.