Things I Wish I Could Do But Don’t Know How

190942710_6a001664f31.  I wish I could work at Blizzard as a content tester.

2.  I wish I could design a whole new playable race.

3.  I wish I could make them wolvish.  Werewolves should at least be tameable!

4.  I wish I could tame a cow.

5.  I wish I could train said cow to be ferocity.

6.  I wish I could ride the cow as a mount.

7.  I wish that I could use the aforementioned cow to jump over the moon.

8.  I wish I could use my Worm as a mount.  Lollercoaster, wutwut?!

9.  I wish I could make a Podcast.

10.  I wish I could make a podcast without it looking like I’m stealing BRK‘s shtick.

11.  Or better yet, I wish I could be on BRK’s podcast.  He produces, I talk.  Score!

12.  Most importantly, I could shout like this!

13.  12 was a lie.  Most importantly, I wish I could do this.



  1. Flight of the Bumblebee on euphonium? Meh, tuba is where it’s at! (As a tuba-girl, I can say this, abet, I failed miserably at it the one and only time I tried it.)

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