The Hunt Is On: The Beginning

In ur base, snipin' ur headz.

In ur base, snipin' ur headz.

Hunters.  Whether you are one or not, know this: Hunters take skill or a lot of practice to play in PvP.

Hunters arguably have the most activated abilities, the most complicated abilities to use, pets, and an inability to do anything in close range.  Even cloth-casters like Mages can do damage up close if need be.

We hunters, however, cannot.  So, as a result, PvP is a constant struggle to stay at range from our prey.

Or at least, that’s the layman’s version of it.  But this game of “stay at range” is different for every hunter.

If you’re a Beast Master, you have an additionally important game of “keep the pet alive”.

As a Marksman, you have so many different shots in your bag of tricks that you need to know which ones to use and when.

As a Survivalist, you have an incredibly powerful shot, coupled with some of the best escape tools known to any hunter.

As a Hunter who enjoys PvP from all three perspectives, I would like to build a PvP tree for each school of hunting.  This is the first post in a series of posts designed to initiate a hunter into PvP in a basic sense.  They’ll be designed with a goal in mind: guidelines, reasoning, basics… what you need to start.

Stay tuned! If you miss one, these will all be added to the Guides section of the site.

Remember: the hardest, most elusive prey, is another player.  This is a true test to see whether you know all your abilities or not, because as a hunter, you will need almost all of them to get by in this jungle.

DISCLAIMER: This does not make PvP harder than PvE, just very different.  Different strokes for different folks, I guess.


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  1. I would like to see your take on this. I play mostly with my wife and she hates PvP so my PvP skills suck (except in BGs where you just stand back and blast ppl with multishot.) So, I wait with eager anticipation for your future posts.

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