Creature Feature: Wolf

Good boy... stay... AUGH!

Good boy... stay... AUGH!

Wolves, before patch 3.0, were the all-around average pet.  To be honest, they were mediocre.  They had no focus dump, the old Furious Howl was a 1 hit deals more damage thing.  They were… average.  In every way.

Well, not any longer.  Wolves have changed in many different ways, and are very viable pets now.  They are leaders of the pack, inspiring the other members of the group to feats of brutal strength and cunning.  The bestial strength of Nature’s best pack hunter is now at your fingertips.

Wolves are Ferocity pets, and that means they do one thing very well: damage.  The basic stats for all Ferocity pets make this apparent: a 10% increase to damage, and a 5% increase to hit points.  With no bonuses to armor, Wolves are vulnerable to direct melee attacks.

The Focus Dump skill for Wolves is Bite, and the special move for wolves is Furious Howl.  Like most other pets, Wolves only have the one special move.

Wolves are typical of hunters.  They are, like Cats, a symbol of a hunter.  With 18 skins, 17 of which are tameable, Wolves have a lot of variety going for them.  They have 4 different physical builds: Wolf, Dire Wolf, Worg, and Mage Hunter.

Furious Howl: Increases attack power of raid and group members within 45 yards of the Wolf for 10 seconds.

The ability is very similar to a Warrior’s Battle Shout.  Furious Howl can be upkept indefinitely so long as their is focus.  The amount of attack power that Furious Howl grants is scaleable, which means it gets stronger as the Wolf levels up.  Also, if you are affected by the Howl, you give some of that attack power to the Wolf in addition to the buff on it already.  As a result, the Wolf gains a huge benefit from its own ability.

In PvE, a Wolf provides the group or the raid with the buff, causing the physical DPS to love you.  This boost is a very welcome one.  Unfortunately, the buff is overwritten by Blessing of Might and Battle Shout, if they are more powerful.  If your Paladins and Warriors would rather use other buffs on people, though, Wolves can cover the attack power increase buffs.  Just keep the Wolf alive.

In PvP, the same bonus applies.  This buff, however, is much more important in a situation where there are less players on the field.  Chances are, you might not have a warrior or a paladin on your team to provide the more powerful attack power buff.  With a Wolf, you can get that bonus.  If you do have a paladin or a warrior partner, they can use other very important buffs(Commanding Shout, Blessing of Kings) while your Wolf provides the attack power increase.

In addition, for a Battleground, it is frequent enough that no one buffs you.  The next time you walk into a battleground with a Wolf, you’ll be buffing your teammates around you while increasing your own damage.

Wolves are at home in any area where they can create a pack to hunt.  This means that raids, dungeons, and Battlegrounds are great places for a wolf to be in, as their Furious Howl ability has a greater effect with more people around.  Whether it’s 1 person or 24 people, Furious Howl buffs them all for 20 focus.

Wolves, like other Ferocity pets, are weak to physical damage.  There are talents to strengthen your Wolf’s damage dealing capabilities(Rabid, Spider’s Bite…), and talents to reduce squishiness(Improved Cower, Bloodthirsty…).  Both must be taken into consideration to keep your canine companion fighting for you.

Wolves are very loyal companions.  Although they lack the elegance and poise of Cats, Wolves make up for it with brutal strength and single minded devotion to their master.  But that’s not all.

Wolves are valuable companions due to their pack mentality.  After hunting with one for long enough a time, your become one and the same entity.  You can read the minds of one another, and you inspire one another to miraculous feats of strength, power, and courage.

My Wolf, Link, is more a friend than a lot of other things I meet.  He and I may not agree on all things, but we both look out for one another.

He is my brother from another mother.  Hehe.

Wolves should be eradicated from existence.  They shit all over the floor, they drool all over your good raiding pants, they smell more than I do…

They steal your arm and try to chew on it…

To top it all off, they taste like overcooked boot.  They’re menaces to society I say! Menaces!



  1. I love wolves – always have. Colemand – Loki didn’t mean to steal your arm, but if you keep leaving it laying around like that it’s going to get nommed on!

  2. Awesome post! I love wolves and have had one since level 10. He has been my main and favorite pet for as long as I can remember. It is really nice to see the wolf starting to shine with the latest expansion.

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