In Azeroth, News Breaks You!

Ghostcrawler just smashed our brain! More at 6.

Ghostcrawler just smashed our brain! More at 6.

This just in! Would you believe it, but Blizzard now has some answers about Dual Specs.  Some, not a lot, but some.

It seems that Scribes are going to be very important for a raid, among other things.

Of particular note is that, in addition to Dual Specs, hunters will receive a spell that allows…


Start foaming at the mouth, ladies and gents.

A spell that allows remote access of our stables.

But knowing what they did with the last major change like this, I wouldn’t be surprised if the “technology” didn’t exist.  But hope exists for a reason, so this should be a major help to hunters everywhere… if it happens.

I suggest that everyone read the interview, as there are many bonuses in there that come with dual specs, like test talents.  You can make a build like you would on a talent calculator, without paying.  You pay only when you’re done moving your points around, and when you push the pay button.  This, by the way, is spectacular!

So, all told, read it.  Lots of great little tidbits, but whatever you do…

Don’t count on it.