Casting Hearthstone

Who knew they could float?
Who knew they could float?

Well, I’m headed back home again.

Which means that I’ll be tuckered right the heck out by the time I do get home.

So, no new  posts today, other than this one.  And it hardly counts now, does it?

So, while I can’t really write a new one in the time allotted to me, I can point you out to some of my brighter ones over the past bit.

The Creature Feature for both Cats and Wolves have been posted.  If you ever wanted to know more about either pet, or what Colemand and I think about them, go ahead and read them.

Speaking of Colemand, he’s begging people to ask him some questions.  Send me an e-mail, or find me on Twitter to ask a question for him.  His last few questions can be found here.

I got a little angry earlier this week.  This happened when it was announced that Consumable ammo will still see the light of day during patch 3.1.  Nonetheless, I was… miffed, when they announced how they would make it up to us.  If you want to see an angry Elf, go ahead and read it.

In addition, there have been some ninja patches.  For anyone who still needs to know what patch… is, then I suggest that you read it here.

Lastly, there has been a small bombing in the Development Department at Blizzard.  And by bombing, I mean a spoiler: and interview with GC about dual specs! I suggest that everyone read the article I wrote, or at least go there to find the interview.  This is big news, and brings a good number of changes to the hunter class as well, so make sure you read the interview!

Okay, that about sums up the big things that happened this week.  Enjoy your day, and see you all later!





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