Day: 2009-02-16

I Have Just One Question…

No, but really...

No, but really...

How in the hell do you misunderstand “Blue dragons are bad” for “all dragons are bad?”

Oh yeah.

Lazy... no-good... unreliably stupid Dragon!

Lazy... no-good... unreliably stupid Dragon!

You’re asleep. Well.  How long is that? How many freakin’ ceanturies has it been, Ysera? You know what? Never mind.  You don’t have to answer… you can’t. You’re too busy sleeping.  Yeah.  Busy.

If I had a nickel for every time something in this game proves unreliable, I could have bought Blizzard right now.

Do your damn job you got picked for, with no pay.  Honestly.

Damn Hippie.


Slow Pet Is Slow

As a side note, Pet pathing can be funky.

As a side note, Pet pathing can be funky.

I’ve always been happy to level my pets.

I leveled Lucas from 12 to 70 before patch 3.0 hit.  This was long, hard, and tear inducing.  Killing hundreds of Wretched on the Isle of Quel Danas was probably one of the most toughening experiences I’ve ever done.

Now I’m halfway through the grind, level 75, and I noticed something.

The highest level pet I own is 73.  Then 71.  Then 70, 70, and 70.

I am now beginning to cry.  I am beginning to understand why people hate the leveling process for pets.

Lets go down a list of common arguments:
1.  No one else has to.  Warlock pets get auto levels, and so do Unholy DK Ghouls.  Hunters get pets auto leveled to 5 below the hunter, but that’s it.  From there, you have to work your way up.

2.  It takes forever.  I agree.  It does.  Normally, I’d say “suck it up,” but it’s getting ridiculous.  You get XP from quests, but your pet does not.  At all.  Your pet levels so much slower than you at times, it begins to fall behind.  Hence, it takes forever to let them catch up, and then you level by accident again, only to repeat the vicious cycle.  Insert crying tears of anguish anywhere at anypoint in there.

3.  We have 5 pets.  Or we can, anyway.  As a result, we have to do this 5 times.  FIVE.  This is annoying to a point where it’s near unbearable.

So why does Blizzard still have this in place? They want you to make sure you don’t take your companions lightly.  They want to make you get attached.  I hate to say it Blizzard, but this is having an opposite effect.  I want to level my pets, but they take forever and as a result, I rather wish they didn’t exist.  Only sometimes, but that’s still more than not at all.

But, I am a hunter, not a mage.  So, I’ll put this eloquently.

Leveling pets is akin to trying to walk through a swamp made up of ectoplasmic goo.  About halfway, you step on someone who decides to haunt you, and all of a sudden your trek across a small swamp becomes an epic battle against all the spirits contained theirin.  You fight ’til your last, and then eventually, you fall.

With your face first.  In dead-people slime.  When you res your body, you try to run, but the same thing happens.  You do eventually get to the end of the swamp, only to find your armor is so full of gunk that you need a scrapbot, and the price is an arm and a leg for repairs.

In short…

Make it easier, if you are going to have it at all.  Please.  It’s really, really not necessary to have it be this hard and annoying.  Like concrete.

Thank you.