I Have Just One Question…

No, but really...

No, but really...

How in the hell do you misunderstand “Blue dragons are bad” for “all dragons are bad?”

Oh yeah.

Lazy... no-good... unreliably stupid Dragon!

Lazy... no-good... unreliably stupid Dragon!

You’re asleep. Well.  How long is that? How many freakin’ ceanturies has it been, Ysera? You know what? Never mind.  You don’t have to answer… you can’t. You’re too busy sleeping.  Yeah.  Busy.

If I had a nickel for every time something in this game proves unreliable, I could have bought Blizzard right now.

Do your damn job you got picked for, with no pay.  Honestly.

Damn Hippie.



  1. Quick, now’s your chance. Shaving cream on the paw, feather to the face.

    Oh yeeeeeeeeah!

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